Top 6 Midterm Senate Races To Watch

Midterm Senate
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To say that the state of American political discord is more polarized than perhaps any time in modern history would be the understatements of understatements. The midterm Senate races and the campaigns currently underway have the potential to entirely change the face of American politics for decades to come.

With the Senate currently as split as the country, 50/50 between the Democrats and Republicans, the party that will emerge victorious come the November 8 election will call the shots on a number of crucial issues. If Democrats tip the scales, President Biden can continue his policies combatting income inequality, expanding access to affordable healthcare, and forgiveness of student loan debt, which is currently on hold.

Should the Republicans flip even one Democrat-held seat they will immediately set about torpedoing President Joe Biden’s agenda, disband the January 6 committee and push for further legislation to ban abortion across the nation. The drama about to unfold will take place across the nation, however, here are 6 races that you might want to keep a closer eye on.

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