6 SHOCKING Times America Got Involved in The Affairs Of Other Countries- Part II

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6 Times America Got Involved in Foreign Countries’ Governments:

The U.S. foreign policy did nothing but prompt scenes of horror everywhere in the world, seriously jeopardizing global peace and stability. From the end of World War II to 2001, America got involved in 201 armed conflicts in 153 locations, which makes them accountable for over 80% of the total wars that occurred all over the world at that time.

However, outright military aggression isn’t the only way the U.S. tried to control other countries. It also used economic seduction, financial sanctions, cultural infiltration, riots, and even election manipulation.

We’ve already discussed some of the countries that were “affected” by the U.S. involvement here, and now we’re here to discuss a whole other list, because yes, there’s more:

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