Wait ‘Til You See What Trump Planned For 2023!

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2022 was probably a never-ending year for former President Donald Trump. It seems that karma followed him everywhere, and oftentimes, in very public, painful, and expensive ways. Trump has become well-known for escaping accountability, but it seems that last year, he was put under the microscope, especially in the second half of 2022, in a way that did nothing but complicate everything for the 2024 contender.

As you probably know, the FBI searched his Florida home, where many classified documents were seized. His business was ultimately found guilty of criminal tax fraud. Documents explaining his tax returns were also released by the House Democrats.

Everyone expects to see his actual returns right before turning over the committee gavel to Republicans, who didn’t win too much under his influence. Also, many of the candidates that he backed tragically failed in key Senate races, which cost Republicans a majority in the chamber.

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