8 Things Biden Achieved This Year for You (and Fails)

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The first issue of the newly-elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, was the deadly insurrection that took place at the Capitol, after four years of Donald Trump as President.

His presidency initiated one of the most difficult moments in the entire US history, as Americans were heavily divided and the country was dealing with a devastating pandemic.

Biden’s first year in the Oval Office was extremely challenging, but it didn’t deter him from setting lofty goals. In the first months of his presidency, Biden hit the ground with his big Covid-19 relief package and a heavy focus on the vaccine rollout.

Even if he enjoyed a strong approval rating, the honeymoon didn’t last for too long. By the end of spring, Biden’s numbers were dramatically dropping, and Biden had to face heavy criticism over his handling of the whole story of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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5 thoughts on “8 Things Biden Achieved This Year for You (and Fails)”

  1. I dont know where you got your data but unemployment is up and getting worse. I have had many friends and one relative die from the blood clots from the COVID-19 shots. My grandkids suffered in delayed education from both the lockdown and the ill-equipped teachers hired under their “diversity” programs. I know of voter fraud in Michigan after receiving an absentee ballot that was forwarded to my address for my father. Why do I know it is a fraud? Well, my father died in 1965. Who has been using his ballots all these years? I got the ballot because the home he was registered at burned down and I was next of kin listed at the post office. An as for Jan 6 being deadly? the only one that died that day was a woman shot by an agent. too many citizens suffered beatings from security that was caught on tape. We as citizens have the right to protest. we have the right to question an election. we were not there to change the results. if we were we would have come armed. You are afraid of Trumps election because you know you will be exposed and face prosecution. —— I, Grampa

    1. Grandpa, you’re just a brainwashed old
      Man who can’t see as
      Far as the end of your nose. Trump is a should be in prison.

  2. Grampa, protests are one thing but this was not just a protest, if you can’t remember or haven’t seen it on TV. (1)These people were climbing or pushing over barriers and not paying attention to the Cap. Police. Using pepper spray or bear spray is not someting yyou bring to a protest, neither is a hangmans noose along with chanting Hang Pence, to stop him doing his job. Also climbing walls and breaking windows is also not just a protest, bashing doors and breaking into Capitol offices and doing untinkable things and leaving death threats is also not a protest, please, go read the definition of a protest to ease your mind and learn that fact. Even Trump has called it an insurrection but led by Nancy Pelosi, believe it or not,,Its out there to find, I heard it from his own mouth,on TV of course. Also, more than one person died over this but even one is terrible, what if it was you, or me, I think it would be important, or more importance than you give it. Read up the facts of the deaths and injuries sustained that day, please.
    As far as covid goes, President Trump could have nipped that in the bud, at least to a large degree. I , myself watched people unboard a plane from just the place they had found out was the epicenter, so to speak. He didn’t care enough to do anything as I was screaming at the TV, No, no, you can’t allow this……
    We lost millions of people unnecessarily, I myself too many to mention. He made just a casual attempt at anything to try to curb things initially. This country tried their best behind the scene ,without his help to try to stop covid.. I, myself thought I was going to die from it the first time but after the vaccine the secong time was much milder with no side effects and I know many, many people who were quite similar, but that was your choice, and still is……Some of the antidotes Trump was talking about would have killed many many more people, ask any Dr.! I have. I think millions, 7 at least was enough and a President isn’t the right person to give out antidotes. He wasn’t a Dr, little loan even a good student !
    You need to watch a PBS Frontline show with a head of elections in Geogia, a staunch Republican, Gabriel Sterling,, “”Georgia election official refuses Trump’ s voter fraud claims”, who voted for Trump, by the way, if you really want to hear the truth , at least the details of it all? The school issues were unfortunate but they all went through the same thing, so they were all impacted by it together (covid really did a number on our country in so many ways, unfortunately).kind of like “our great depression”, my analogy.
    Your last issue is about that small percentage of irregularities that is taken into consideration during voting, it should be brought to someones attention and not signed and sent in, that would be illegal and probably caught, anyway. (In Georgia they found 4 ballots from deceased individuals), this from another Pbs news hour on Jan6 committee hearings, day4.) I really hope some of this helps, in some way on even one or more of your issues, I have done an excessive amount of research in finding true facts on a lot of issues that I didn’t understand because I cherish our Democracy Hope this helps,…….

  3. I cannot think of anything that Biden achieved outside of trying to destroy the country. He has always been a corrupt lying idiot.

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