8 Things Biden Achieved This Year for You (and Fails)

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The first issue of the newly-elected President of the United States, Joe Biden, was the deadly insurrection that took place at the Capitol, after four years of Donald Trump as President.

His presidency initiated one of the most difficult moments in the entire US history, as Americans were heavily divided and the country was dealing with a devastating pandemic.

Biden’s first year in the Oval Office was extremely challenging, but it didn’t deter him from setting lofty goals. In the first months of his presidency, Biden hit the ground with his big Covid-19 relief package and a heavy focus on the vaccine rollout.

Even if he enjoyed a strong approval rating, the honeymoon didn’t last for too long. By the end of spring, Biden’s numbers were dramatically dropping, and Biden had to face heavy criticism over his handling of the whole story of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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1 thought on “8 Things Biden Achieved This Year for You (and Fails)”

  1. I dont know where you got your data but unemployment is up and getting worse. I have had many friends and one relative die from the blood clots from the COVID-19 shots. My grandkids suffered in delayed education from both the lockdown and the ill-equipped teachers hired under their “diversity” programs. I know of voter fraud in Michigan after receiving an absentee ballot that was forwarded to my address for my father. Why do I know it is a fraud? Well, my father died in 1965. Who has been using his ballots all these years? I got the ballot because the home he was registered at burned down and I was next of kin listed at the post office. An as for Jan 6 being deadly? the only one that died that day was a woman shot by an agent. too many citizens suffered beatings from security that was caught on tape. We as citizens have the right to protest. we have the right to question an election. we were not there to change the results. if we were we would have come armed. You are afraid of Trumps election because you know you will be exposed and face prosecution. —— I, Grampa

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