Is Putin Losing The War In Ukraine?

Putin War
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Here’s What You Need to Know About Putin’s War on Ukraine:

A letter written by a low-level Russian soldier has recently emerged via Ukrainian intelligence. The intimate letter written to his wife Valeria and infant son, V.V. Tarasenko, who is part of a breakaway puppet quasi-state proclaimed within the territory of Ukraine known as The Luhansk People’s Republic, has laid out in depressing detail what it is like for a soldier of Putin’s army on the frontline, and more importantly, laying the foundations for why Putin losing the war in Ukraine.

Posted on Facebook by the Ukrainian analyst and soldier Taras Berezovets, and restructured by The Hill journalist Alexander Motyl as the letter was written with no punctuation or capital letters, click the next page to read Tarasenko’s brutally honest and emotionally devastating letter in full.

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