7 US Companies That Are Chinese Owned

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Foreign investment has long been a welcome factor that helps boost the U.S. Economy. Many entrepreneurs, companies, or governments have been greeted with open arms by American markets, companies, banks, and real estate developers, hoping to shake the considerable loose change from their overflowing pockets.

Dealing with foreign individuals, companies or governments might not be seen as much of a problem in today’s global marketplace. However, many Americans are unaware that one of those investors just happens to be one of our biggest rivals, not just in business but on the international stage. One we are currently engaged in a trade war with, China.

Whether you’re going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster, washing your unmentionables, or just preparing a delicious dinner for the family, there’s a high probability that some of your hard earned dollars are making their way to the coffers of the Chinese Communist Party.

So here we take a look at some of the iconic U.S. companies that have their slices of pie slightly painted red.

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40 thoughts on “7 US Companies That Are Chinese Owned”

  1. Back in the early 1970’s I was working for a local variety store chain as a receiving clerk in Tacoma Washington. At that time we were getting coupon book ad shipments from China in shipping containers. I know from personal experience that China has been using the United States for many years now. (November 2021)

  2. Barbara A Perkins

    This is crazy, China will just walk right into America and take over without a shot. We have a lame brain President who is in bed with China. He and his son owe china BIG TIME. We are in a country that is on the downslide, thanks to Biden. People need to get back to church and God and start standing up against this regime that is destroying out wonderful nation. The press gives Biden a pass every time he messes up, what a joke. Trump was a ten times better President. Our Republicans better start standing up for the American people or we will definitely be a Communist Nation. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, etc. all have to go, including the idiot Cheyney and Romney, both of them are communists.

    1. You are a Republican shill. You only care about your Orange Dictator. He spews lies and you repeat them. Get lost. We are alive and well and coming after him! He will have a jump suit to match his hair color.

      1. It shows your arrogance. The democratic party in history runs on believing in slavery and abortion. Check your history. Those of itself are evil.

        1. Your totally wrong, republicans are the modern benefactors of the KKK. Trumps family has had leadership roles in the KKK. With their southern initiative, republicans are the modern slavers.

      2. I second that motion. Why are Christians (not all) so ready to be authoritarian? They don’t care as long as it is all in the name of God, well it’s my God too and I think he crys over our choice of inhumanity to man! WWJD, certainly not this.

      3. You are full of crap, Trump imposed stricter sanctions, against Putin than any previous POTUS in US history. Putin did absolutely nothing while Trump was in office. German Chancellor Andrea Merkel balked when Trump expanded US sanctions to include our German ally’s industries that were involved in helping Putin build his Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. Trump responded by sending a white surrender flag to Andrea Merkel, when asked; What’s this for? Trump responded; It’s a gift for you surrendering to Russia, and signing the Nord Stream 2 agreement!

        Putin did absolutely nothing while Trump was in office, Trump was the only POTUS that Putin did not invade some country… Then, but only after Biden showed week, and feckless leadership during the Afghan withdrawal did Putin invade Ukraine for the second (2nd) time he held office. It wasn’t Trump’s fault Biden chose to delay the agreed upon pullout date and offend the Taliban by delaying the withdrawal from May 1st till Sept. 11th, as a slap in their face for 911. Then after offending the Taliban Biden foolishly removed all of America’s air strike capabilities before the ground troops, thus assuring that we could not cover our own ground troops safe withdrawal. Trump even warned Biden NOT to do that. But did Biden listen? Of course not… You can’t fix stupid, and Biden has that market COVERED in spades!

      4. Can’t fix stupid Dwyer! I can’t believe you think we are better off now than we were under Trump! Remember what you’ve wrote here and when Asshole Biden and his druggy son finally are outed for the scumbags they are, I can only hope you can scrub the egg off your face! Lets go Brandon!

    2. Lady, your comments are solely based on feelings and opinions and not facts. My first thought was to ridicule you, but that’s not productive. China is a power because Americans and others love cheap goods. Americans pay a living wage for manufactured products, China does not. If a Chinese made product was manufactured in America, it would cost at least ten times more (A rough gustimate on my part). America’s desire for cheap goods made China the global economic power it is. Think about what you are saying when you criticize a president for ruining a country. An American president is not a dictator. Cheyney and Romney are not communists..lol I hope you don’t believe that. You have got to think for yourself, and not follow what the party says. Beware of an entire group of people who all share the exact same ideas…it’s called a cult. The founding fathers had a similar concept, that’s why conventions had to be established in order to come up with the Constitution. The same way that KJU of North Korea has his people blindly following him, is the same way in which politicians (On both sides) have the American people blindly following ideas and ideals that are sinister and evil in nature. You must read history and know facts in order to see through the fluff. I hope you do see through the fluff one day. I agree about what you said about God 100%.

    3. Lol, it’s Trump and family with deep business with China. Trump secured 19 patents in China for his daughter to get her merchandise made there. You 🐑 and 🤡s calling Biden, China Joe better wake up. All the republicans you mentioned don’t give a crap about Americans or America

    4. We have lame brain people voting as well.
      In California they kept voting on projects and programs that ca didn’t have money for. So they kept voting on bonds to pay for it.
      Like bonds are free money the people were thinking I guess because they kept passing. You can’t keep buying on credit! Same with the feds !

  3. More stupidity by greed driven U.S. Corporations who sell their souls, & ours, to our enemies for a few pieces of silver. The U.S. politicians also, who approve this treason, think ahead two to five years whereas the Chinese plan one hundred to five hundred years ahead to achieve their world domination.

  4. Downside because of Biden ? The whole country went down in 10 months ?
    Donny Bonespurs loves these authoritarian leaders.
    If Bunkerboy or somebody like him (Desantis) gets elected you’ll never have another presidential election again.

  5. This is very scary. We as a country are being “hoist on our own petard” as they used to say. It meant blown up by our own bomb. Pretty close to what’s happening in they rest of our “currently” free country. Our open society and first Amendment have permitted this to happen. If we do not change our policy at the highest level it will continue and the United States will no longer exist as we know it.

    1. Regulation by what they whoever they is is neither communist nor socialist it is authoritarian. The people we have in office have lost the concept of our countries intentions. These people are not by any means representatives they some how decided to be leaders and we the people are not to be led it is our job to lead ourselves within the confines of the laws of your god the founding documents of the country you occupy as well as the state and municipality. They have tricked you and many others into being ignorant to the constitution and how a constitutional republic works. The liberals are the worst but republicans are no shining star. Anyone with an ounce of civics knowledge should understand that abortion is not a right whatsoever and can be taken as swiftly as it was offered. The preamble and bill of rights are what you are guaranteed but people say it’s our constitutional right, no after our guarantees comes the rest of the constitution which is added to taken away from amended and manipulated as things are made legal, illegal or regulated; thus the purpose of the constitutional republic the bill of rights is the only thing guaranteed unless they can get 2/3 vote in all chambers unanimous agreement from the president and Vice President and only then will the Supreme Court allow the changes to be made pending the constitutionality of the amendment to be stricken or modified. It os set up that way so that our guarantees remain indefinitely and the day they try to screw with any amendment in the bill of rights the country will fall into civil war. Look people can’t even handle a cop doing his job or the Supreme Court cleaning it book because abortion is not a federal law obviously that’s why they are trying to codify it, it remains a state law and fucking liberal morons don’t even see that which is usually the case they just can’t see the forest for the trees. Do you understand that this may thrust us into a civil war, politicians are encouraging that if the bot doesn’t go there way that it is time to take up arms, that is well beyond Jan 6 taking up arms is to go to war, arms you know the second amendment are guns and when masses take up arms that is an insurrection at the highest order because to parrot the left guns are for killing so the ignorance of even the people occupying the whitehouse is astounding to try and put forth the notion that just doing some legal paperwork and not even changing the law because technically there isn’t one you would consult your state for those laws and it is certainly not a right that urban combat should take place and people die because of a woman’s irresponsibility to use contraception after her one night stand. Bullshit you people have lost your fucking minds, get an iud and fuck off it’s cheaper than an abortion . Also have you considered parents right as in that blob of cells has two sets of dna and that other set the father may want the child. Again lost your fucking minds. And the notion that freedom of speech should be controlled, once more have you lost your fucking minds, how can that even be done it can’t it shouldn’t and the second amendment will be used to protect the first, that is why it is there. You have become so complacent and lazy that you can’t or won’t investigate information on your own you need a bunch of fucking talking suits that can’t control the facts they spew to give you factual information. You have lost your fucking mind. I do know that I do not want our American experiment to fall apart and will sue my part but learn to read learn comprehension because I can drill a golf ball at 300 yards so your fuckin twig boy army of commie assholes that are nothing more than spoiled college shit living on their parents ammerican express studying communist philosophy gets in my area they will just start falling and no one will know why and no one will care but your great leader, and fortunately he doesn’t mean shit to my state anyway. You see you and your kind are just afraid of real freedom because lies get told feelings don’t matter and all the responsibility for you and your family lies squarely on your shoulders , you are responsible for doctors medicine food transportation societal response to you changing genders, it is just ass lazy to think politicians are responsible for that. None of that is in the bill of rights life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a narrow road and you are responsible to make those things happen if you aren’t happy drink use drugs have sex but don’t expect anyone else to steer clear of you because they are on the same mission. Take responsibility for yourself and yours and don’t worry what other people due and certainly don’t try and tell me that murder is a right but my ability to tell you that you have lost your fucking mind isn’t.

  6. If you remember, the last thing done by president Richard Nixon before he quit in order to avoid impeachment, was to fly to China to sign a trade agreement
    Our country has been on the sorry end of that agreement ever since. This was done to destroy the American worker unions and enhance corporate profits by using cheap Chinese labor. I avoid buying anything made in China, which in many cases is difficult to do.

  7. This is nothing new. I was first “offshored” out of a job in December 15th of 1966. The manufacturing company that I was working for in North Hollywood, California shut it’s plant, with no notice to the employees. The equipment was shipped to their new plant in Singapore and the company in the US was simply a sales office in Century City. They increased their profit margin by shifting the production to lower cost labor in Singapore. However, Singapore was improving its technical prowess with the knowledge gained from all the US companies moving their production there. Eventually, the whole operation was bought by a group in Singapore that decided that the manufacturing operation was too “low tech” for Singapore and moved it to China.

    A few year ago, I had breakfast on a train with the owner of a machine shop in Mexico. He told me that the US automobile manufacturers were making an effort to source parts in the United States. However, the subcontractors supposedly making the parts really did not make them in the US but sub-subcontracted the jobs to machine shops, like his, in Mexico. So much of this was going on that it caused a shortage of skilled machinists in Mexico and much of the work was sub-sub-subcontracted to China. Chinese industrial capacity was being stretched to it’s limits and the Chinese were in turn subcontracting much of this work to machine shops in India and Pakistan!

    The fact that everyone but the American worker seems to be making money out of this (or making any products to sell domestically or elsewhere) has nothing to do with whether the administration is Democratic or Republican but simply because of greed. Stockholders of corporations want to make money on their investments, PERIOD. If the directors of a corporation have the opportunity to cash out by a sale to anyone, Chinese or otherwise, and they don’t take it the stockholders will sue them. Many people who start a company have the goal of getting big enough to be attractive to a larger company so they can cash out in a pricey buyout. The don’t care who the purchaser is. American law allows this and our Congress is not about to change it. As one Middle Eastern businessman once told me, “You Americans are stupid, you let us buy you…We own you!”

  8. Sounds like China pretty much owns most of the American businesses. Maybe a little help from the republicans and democrats.

  9. Communism in China is a passing thing. The Chinese were the first capitalists and still are. Look what they spend to purchase American corporations!

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