6 Misleading Claims Made by POTUS

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In the same recent spirit of discussing false claims made by relevant political figures or even heads of state, we have finally arrived at the long-awaited subject: the lies told by our dear POTUS. During his campaign, POTUS’s speech included many claims that were not only false, but also misleading, or even lacking important context.

So here’s a list of some of the most relevant lies our President Joe Biden ever made! If you feel like we’ve missed some important examples, then feel free to mention them in the comment section! These are the lies we’ve heard during Biden‘s presidential campaign:

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1 thought on “6 Misleading Claims Made by POTUS”

  1. Wow. I still want to see Biden take a brain MRI for dementia and/or Alzeimer’s. I just had a brain MRI for a problem and I am 71 and the doctor found NO indications of dementia or Alzeimer’s. I also took a battery of neuropsychology tests and I was “cognitively intact”. I bet Biden couldn’t pass either. His medical condition needs to be clarified. Personally, I am scared to death that he has control of the nuclear football or maybe those around him do. How many physical indications of something very wrong before someone( Supreme Court?) steps in and DEMANDS this testing.

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