Trump’s Company Has Been Found Guilty of Criminal Tax Fraud: 3 Crucial Facts

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It Seems That Trump’s Company Is in Trouble!

Only recently, a jury in Manhattan has found Donald Trump’s company 100% guilty of a long-running criminal tax fraud scheme that lasted way long into his presidency. Even if Trump and his company have faced multiple times criminal investigations in the past, this case definitely marks the very first time his company has been ever charged, tried, and even convicted on any criminal charges.

Trump mainly managed to build his own political brand on his belief that he was no less than an aggressive and successful businessman. The jury found guilty two entities that were fully controlled by Trump, on no less than 17 counts of criminal tax fraud and even falsifying business records.

And it gets better: the maximum penalty is $1.6 million. “The case was about lying, cheating, false documents that were meant to aid evading taxes for the benefit of individuals and the corporation.” as Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg declared, speaking with the press after the verdict was delivered. In another statement, the Trump Organization highly criticized the verdict and want to appeal, stating that the blame should fall completely on the company’s executives, not on the firm itself.

“The idea that a company might be held responsible for an employee’s action, simply to benefit themselves, on their own personal tax returns is absurd,” they responded. Also, one of Trump’s attorneys struggled to distance the former president from the outcome as fast as possible. Read more about this on the next page:

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