Trump’s BIG Announcement is a Total Dud

Trump's Announcement
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The political life of one Donald J. Trump has been far from conventional, so, when the former commander-in-chief put out a video telling the world Trump’s going to make a ‘BIG’ announcement the following day, as usual, both fans of the 45th and his detractors had their ears pricked up once again, anticipating (and predicting) what world changing sound waves would come bellowing out of Mar-a-Lago this time?

Ever since November 15th, when he made the definitely expected announcement that he would indeed be running for president again in 2024, Trump has somewhat faded into the background by his standards. Instead, he has been more content to post his continued grievances about the perceived shenanigans around the 2020 election, despite none of the 63 lawsuits his team filed being successful or any proof being put forward, and how great he is and/or how unfairly he has been treated on his bargain basement social media site Truth Social, depending on his mood.

So, what was this earth shattering announcement that would send Trump’s fourth bid for America’s presidency into the stratosphere? The answer is both astonishing and embarrassing in equal measure.

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