Trump’s BIG Announcement is a Total Dud

Trump's Announcement
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Like pennies from heaven for Trump detractors and his political opponents, his ‘BIG’ announcement was not about a running mate or his bid to be the Speaker of the House, nope….. It was to offer his supporters the chance to spend their hard earned dollars on his “official Donald Trump Digital Trading Card” collection. A series of outlandish and poorly photoshopped “limited edition cards featuring amazing ART of my Life & Career,” with everything from Trump as a cowboy to Trump as an astronaut worth a mere $99 each. As we all remember those memorable moments in Trump’s lengthy and prestigious cowboynaut career.

This announcement is quite possibly the most surreal, cartoonish, and buffoonish moment in American political history. As the 76-year-old former president commanded his followers to “GET YOUR CARDS NOW!” many of his supporters saw right through this latest grift. And while the rest of us rolled around the floor laughing hysterically at this beyond belief bonkers move, they took to social media to express their considerable anger.

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