Trump Rebranding To Distance Himself From Failed Trump Brands?

Image By Devi Bones From Shutterstock

Donald Trump famously said back in June 2003, “If I put my name on something, you know it’s gonna be good” and while he’s certainly never been shy about plastering his patronymic on anything possible, it seems that there might be a name change in the air. And no, we’re not talking about Reginald Kenneth Dwight becoming Elton John or Jennifer Linn Anastassakis changing her surname to Aniston, but that famous Trump name doing what Prince did in 1993, changing the name to a symbol (well, two).

Historically, former Presidents typically only have their number used when being referred to in a textbook or some other literature, but Trump plans to use the number 45 as a gold plated brand name. His PAC can already be accessed at and if you are interested in reading his old tweets they are archived at @WhiteHouse45.

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