9 Reasons Why Jen Psaki Was So Great as Biden’s Press Secretary

Jen Psaki
The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

A different approach

David Greenberg is teaching journalism, media studies, and history at Rutgers University. He explained that “presidents usually take one of two approaches when it comes to dealing with the press, and press secretaries normally fall into one of two categories.”

For example, Nixon’s Ron Ziegler was a good example of a press secretary who said no more than he had to, and who used high bureaucratic language so he can avoid direct engagement with uncomfortable questions or answers.

Clinton’s Mike McCurry tackled the other approach: he was affable, as candid as he could, and earn the reporters’ trust.

Greenberg believes that there are certain times when the former approach might be needed, but normally, the latter works better.

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