9 Reasons Why Jen Psaki Was So Great as Biden’s Press Secretary

Jen Psaki
Office of White House Press Secretary, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

‘Direct, no-nonsense, and responsive’

Debra Caruso Marrone is the president of DJC Communications, and she believes that “Jen Psaki has done a great job as press secretary. She is direct, no-nonsense, and responsive. She doesn’t dodge questions. She doesn’t shrink from a challenge.

She is very committed to the president, but you still get the impression that she is answering all the questions honestly.

Maybe the only thing that Psaki lacks is the humor that other press secretaries had, such as Robert Gibbs (Obama), Josh Earnest (Obama), Joe Lockhart (Clinton), and Marlin Fitzwater (Reagan).

These communicators had that special something that made them great, in her opinion, which is the ability to spar with some reporters in a very lighthearted way, which disarmed them, alongside blunting responses that might have taken aback some reporters.

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