9 Reasons Why Jen Psaki Was So Great as Biden’s Press Secretary

Jen Psaki
U.S. Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As Jen Psaki has finished her work as President Joe Biden’s press secretary and her role as the daily public face of the President’s administration, we can now look back on what she has accomplished to understand how she managed to do such a great job.

She was the one to set an example for business leaders and raise the standards on how to communicate with the public and the media when a crisis or any other challenging situation occurs.

Her initial White House briefings were “already providing important lessons on how to communicate during a crisis.

Her televised meetings with reporters instantly became a continuing education class for business leaders on matters of how to communicate a clear and effective message with the media and the public during any crisis.

In fact, let’s discuss some of the things that made her such a rare gem!

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