10 Politicians Accused of Serious Crimes

 Politicians Accused of Crimes
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Politicians and their sinister crimes are always the talk of the town. Politics is an unforgiving profession, where at times, politicians commit crimes to cover past track records and scandals. However, with time politicians try to improve their public image to gain votes and respect.

In the history of the US, many qualified politicians have been accused and charged guilty for their serious crimes and misconducts. American lobbyists and the general public tend to show a keen interest in the personal affairs of politicians and government representatives. In this blog, we would discuss 10 American politicians who were accused of serious crimes.

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1. Ted Stevens

The longest-serving Senator from Alaska, Ted Stevens, was accused of making false and counterfeit statements and receiving gifts from private oil companies. In addition to this, senator Ted Stevens was also in charge of the Appropriations Committee that overlooked the disbursement of $900 billion. However, senator Ted Stevens has rejected all accusations and terms them a conspiracy against him.

Ted Stevens was under the FBI and government agencies’ radar for making inappropriate contacts with corporate parties and lobbyists. It was also discovered that senator Stevens granted funds to the private contractors from National Science Foundation (NSF) and other sources.

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2. Rick Renzi

The republican tycoon Rick Renzi was accused of influencing a land exchange deal and getting thousands of dollars as his cut. Moreover, the Federal jury also indicted him for embezzling state funds to influence and support his House Campaign. In addition to the land exchange deal, Rick Renzi was also accused of manipulating $400,000 from his own insurance company to boost the House campaign.

The prevalent charges of ethical misconduct and money laundering dented the reputation of Rick. These serious accusations against Rick Renzi stained the image of Republicans and weakened their vote bank.

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3. Robert Menendez

Senator Robert Menendez was accused of receiving bribes for influencing and promoting a friend’s business company. When in office, Senator Menendez received lavish gifts, fully sponsored vacations, and a handsome amount of $750,000 in the name of his campaign funds. The prosecutors also accused Senator Robert of using his office and government position for offering support to his friend, Salomon Melgen.

However, senator Menendez rejected all allegations stated against him and defended himself throughout the trial. Later, the Federal court also conducted a hearing of Salomon Melgen, where he was accused of bribing a government representative for his financial gains.

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4. Donald Trump

The former President of the United States and perhaps the most controversial President in the history of the US was accused of several sexual and intimate relationships with dozens of women. President Trump was in multiple open relationships, affairs, and sexual scandals during 1990. However, President Trump denied all these allegations and taunted his political rivals for these conspiracies.

Moreover, President Trump is still facing an ongoing trial in which he is indicted for conspiring and ordering the Capitol riots in Washington on January 6th for this political gain.

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5. Eliot Spitzer

The former Governor of New York CITY, Eliot Spitzer, was accused of forming and managing a prostitution network. He was also caught red-handed making arrangements with a prostitute at his hotel.

However, unlike some other politicians who always denied serious allegations against them, Governor Spitzer eventually apologized for his misbehavior and wrongdoings. After the trial, Governor accepted these sinister accusations, and his entire political and educational career ended in misery.

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6. John Conyers

The former member of the US House of the representative from Michigan State was accused of sexual misconduct and wrong physical actions. Women accused John Conyers of sexual assaults with the hashtag Me-too on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Moreover, in 2015, John Conyers used his office funds to settle a sexual dispute between him and his former office assistant, who was filing sexual harassment and assault charges against him. It was also in the media that once John Conyers attended an official meeting in his underwear, exploiting all ethical boundaries.

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7. President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden was always a topic of interest for his intimate actions and physical misconduct. In March 2019, a former representative of the Nevada Assembly accused President Biden of kissing and touching her head without consent in 2014.

Moreover, in March 2020, a former Senate staff assistant blamed President Bidden for sexual assaults and misdoings in 1993. However, these and many other serious allegations were dealt with smartness and maturity by his election office and other team members.

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8. Zeb Little

The former senator from the Alabama district was accused of stealing from his legal clients and making offshore settlements. Zeb Little stole from his clients by transferring money to his bank accounts rather than paying medical bills.

Moreover, many reports showed that Zeb Little followed the same practice in other cases and manipulated different potential clients. The crimes committed by forging his legal clients showed his greed for money and unethical behavior.

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9. Hilary Clinton

During her time at the White House, the First Lady, Hilary Clinton, was accused of using a private email server for communication between the public and the State Department. Moreover, she was also accused of exchanging more than a hundred emails containing highly classified information which could have leaked in the process.

Many lawmakers and officials showed their keen interest in suspending Hilary Clinton from office for disobeying and violating the federal law. News reports reported that the emails contained critical information and shouldn’t have been over the public internet server.

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10. Ruben Kihuen

The attractive and dynamic senator Ruben Kihuen from Nevada was accused of sexual misconduct and overtures. A twenty-five-year-old woman named Samantha went on record to expose the wrongdoing of the lawmaker. Senator Kihuen was accused of touching her on her thigh and asking for going on romantic dates without consent and mutual interest.

However, just like most political figures, Senator Ruben Kihuen disregarded the accusations and refrained from identifying the woman in his election campaign.

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