Here Are 14 SHOCKING Differences Between Canada and the U.S.

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14 Unbelievable Differences Between Canada and U.S.:

Canada is right above the United States, as it makes up a big portion of North America.

The countries are very close to each other, and in fact, Canada is only a short drive away.

While this might make it much easier to assume that these two countries are the same, they aren’t.

In fact, when it comes to politics, religion, currency, and food, there are so many differences between these two countries.

And naturally, since they’re both on the continent, everyone might wonder: which one’s better, right? Which country would be a better fit for my lifestyle, my needs, and my beliefs? Let’s see what are the differences between these two:

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  1. My niece has lived and worked in Canada for many years; she has dual citizenship. In her experience, the “free” health care system leaves much to be desired.
    The system as a whole is underfunded, so that there aren’t enough practitioners. Therefore, there can be long waits for essential, even urgent, services. She’s very active and athletic, so she occasionally suffers an injury (such as a broken nose) that would be treated immediately or within days in the U.S.; she’s had to wait weeks for proper treatment. However, if she were willing to pay with her own money, she could be treated much sooner. Some Canadians who can afford it, go to the U.S. for treatment of major health conditions. The idea of free health care is good; there must be proper implementation to go with it.

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