6 Troubling Questions About Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

Invasion Ukraine
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As hard as it is to believe in the 21st century, the specter of war looms perilously close over the whole of mainland Europe as Vladimir Putin has taken the baffling decision to invade a European democracy of 44 million people, the Eastern European country of Ukraine.

By air, land, and sea, Putin has sent his forces into Ukraine to wage a war of devastation, with this conflict threatening to jeopardize the continent’s entire security structure. As the death toll on both sides continues to rise and the Russian forces occupy land in the north, east, and south, what does Putin want? And why would he take such an impossibly dangerous decision?

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6 thoughts on “6 Troubling Questions About Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine”

  1. The Ukrainian people have been fighting for freedom and dignity for nine years. The police state abetted by Russia has been brutal and merciless since the early protests of the Orange Revolution. The Ukrainian people deserve our complete support. The Russian invasion must stop! The United States must do everything possible to engage NATO and the European Union to establish a “No-Fly” zone to support humanitarian relief and to support Ukraine against the Russian aggressor! It’s time for the “humanitarian war.” Putin has displaced millions in Syria and now in Ukraine. This must stop!

  2. I enjoyed reading your article about Russia’s invasion of Ukrain. It was very easy to understand, and very informative.

  3. The worst display of information put out by Putin, he is lying to the Russian people. When it is known of all his lies, the Russian people will rise and dispose of him. The world (and the U.S. people) do not have any animosity against the Russian populous, its the governments (of countries) who wants to see their form of democracy, communism, authoritarianism, or other radical forms of control trying to instill their beliefs on a people who only want peace and quiet to live a fruitful life for their own family. All you governments who are trying to entice the people to believe in their system, back off. Let the people decide how they want to live and decide who is best suited to lead a country after listening to and reading authentic information provided by truth sources. People are unconquerable, it just takes time to rise to get rid of the corrupt vassal of Russia who unfortunately happens to be Putin. People of Russia, it’s “Money” corruption, corrupted by the individuals presently in power who dictate how to line their pockets with your hard earned money. Freedom, harmony, peace will succeed if we all stand up against these corrupt persons and eradicate them.

  4. Your article leaves out a lot of details when the new Zelinskij government was put in by the United States. Starting in 2014 the Americans moved
    Numerous military equipment into Ukrain. Also Ukrain wanted to be part of the NATO, which would make Ukrain part of the NATO, a neighbor with Russia. Just remember when 1962 Hrushow wanted to do the same in Cuba, President Kennedy told the Russian this would end up WWIII. We are not stupid to see that Putyin has some good reason to demilitarize Ukrain and make it independent. The war is horrific, by Poland, US sending more military help, equipment will make the war more devastating to the poor Ukrain people.

  5. Bernard Jackson

    This is the same way world War 1 and 2 started. When will we ever wake up and stop repeating our selves. All dictators are of the same mode Unless the world unites together against every dictator. . There can only be one out come

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