5 Reasons Why Trump Had Classified Documents

Trump Classified
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With the Left losing their collective minds and the Right losing their memories of the many questionable acts of their MAGA and chief, the continuing revelations about classified documents being kept by former President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, just keep on coming. And none of it is good.

What the FBI agents discovered at the former president’s personal residence on August 8 is now becoming slightly clearer. However, many troubling questions still remain. Aside from the 31 confidential documents, 54 “secret” documents, 11 “top secret,” and 42 folders marked “return to staff secretary/military aide,” one of the most troubling discoveries was 48 folders with classified banners were completely empty.

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4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Trump Had Classified Documents”

  1. There Is NO Reason for Trump to take them. It Has NEVER been done, before, There is No reason for it and is not Allowed. Why did he and what was he going to do with them? Sell them? Use them to extort someone? Absolutely ridiculous, and to say they are his, is ridiculous and UNTRUE.

  2. In Trump’s mind, he thinks he’s “ABOVE THE LAW”, because his daddy, who may have mob connections of his own, taught him that he’s very special and everybody else is beneath him. Donald has the mentality of a mob boss, a cult leader, like Jim Jones, and a dictator, like Hitler or Putin, which explains his fascination with authoritarians all over the World. Rumors that he may have read Hitler’s book, Mein Kamp and the Turner Diaries, which he’s using, along with other playbooks, courtesy of the far-right, as a blueprint for swaying public support from his “Base”, stoking fear, doubt, hate, anger, misinformation, and mistrust among his followers, blaming others for the “problems” in our country, sounds familiar, while profiting off the hard-earned money of people that he’s swindling, bending the truth to his narrative, causing division. So it’s no surprise to me that he would think that classified documents, which don’t belong to him, is something he treats as if it’s a souvenir for him to take home. Constitutional laws is always specific, even in the most bizarre cases, and that all Presidents must abide by them. I believe that Trump was going to sell them to the highest bidder and flee the country, but at the right time, when it suited him. Nuclear secrets are worth millions, perhaps even billions of dollars and such information should never leave the White House, under any circumstances, and that full security clearance and procedures should have been enforce, according to rules and regulations, regarding such removal of documents by any official, especially the President. It’s suspected that Trump may have already given away classified information, whether with or without knowing, and that he may have already gain monetary compensation and that such information may be out there, as it would have possibly been recorded in bank transactions and tax statements, kept under tight scrutiny. People need to understand that Trump isn’t about America First or Saving America, it’s about him gaining more power, wealth, status, and building the Trump name, establishing a legacy of true corruption, while milking his followers out of their paychecks, in a struggling economy, rising crime, rights being scaled-back or taken away, like abortion, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, etc., while he gains a foothold in the GOP and our nation, using violent language, intimidation and lies, and give promises, at least to those who follow him, possibly all the way to Hell, of making our country great again. If the narrative fits the crime, then he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. If this was Obama, Clinton, or even Bush, or some average Joe, believe me, we would be in a maximum security prison right NOW!

  3. You need to see the parts of whole to understand these corruptions, these corruptions are unique in its own territory. However it can have a negative rippling effect if it is going to be like used like a political srategy , if not know it can be a triple negative effects and the real effects can be unknown until a political condition(s) by the Country’s socioeconomics activties that you don’t know for sure or a major geopolitical has triggered a global economic effect.

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