11 Interesting Facts About Air Force One

Image By Liner From Shutterstock

Although just a call sign and not its official title, Air Force One not only transports the President from A to B then back again, it also acts as a command center and a powerful symbol of the American presidency and its power.

Starting its illustrious career as a Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper in 1943, then the C-87 Liberator, it would be a C-54 Skymaster, named ‘Guess Where II’ that would eventually be recognized as the first dedicated VIP-and-presidential transport aircraft and one that would carry President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the famous Yalta Conference in February 1945.

The make of the plane and the equipment contained within has changed over the years, but its occupant has not. This Presidential plane has seen many iterations over the past few decades, but today’s Air Force One boasts some outstanding and sometimes surprising features. Here we take a look at 11 interesting things about the world’s most famous plane.

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