10 Awful Things Justin Trudeau Has Done So Far

Photo by Vitaliy Holovin from Shutterstock

He let the opioid crisis take too many Canadian lives

Trudeau’s government has failed to respond to one of the biggest problems in Canada: the opioid crisis. Each and every day, there are sixteen Canadians who are hospitalized because of opioid poisoning, and the federal government hasn’t done too much to curb this phenomenon.

While the federal government could do something, like deciding to decriminalize heroin or cocaine (which would be a huge step), no one’s doing anything. Canada’s approach isn’t working. Did you know that almost 70 organizations from all over the country, including the HIV Legal Network, the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, and the National Association of Women and The Law, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to make a dr*g policy reform?

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