Biden vs. Xi: 5 Scary Facts That Make A War With China Possible

Biden vs. Xi
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Biden vs. Xi: Is War POSSIBLE?

When Biden called President Xi Jinping at the beginning of March, it wasn’t just a simple call in an ongoing line of telephone diplomacy.

This call went on for hours, according to the White House representatives. And it marked an important turning point for ties between our country and China.

As White House officials were already concerned about the close relationship between Xi and Russian President Vladimir Putin, China didn’t do anything but increase the concern with its early reaction to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

At first, they didn’t appear to be either supportive or opposed to it, which obliged Biden to try and decipher China’s intentions.

Anyway, after Biden’s call, the White House declared that Biden and Xi agreed to keep the “open lines of communication”. If you want to learn more about these events, click next:

…What do you think about this Biden vs. Xi situation?

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