5 Things Trump Actually Got Right (Part I)

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To have a better understanding of why we decided to tackle the positive aspects of Trump’s presidency, you have to understand our reasoning. But first, let’s start with other examples…

Even if George H. W. Bush had only a single term, he participated in the negotiations for the peaceful reunification of Germany. Also, he liberated Kuwait while still losing a couple of American lives. He also signed legislation to end acid rain.

He made a budget deal that reduced federal deficits, enacted for the first time the Americans with Disabilities Act, and managed to resolve the collapse of the savings-and-loan industry. Jimmy Carter also had only one term, where he deregulated passenger aviation, he managed to update the regulation of rail freight, shipping, and trucking, while laying the foundation for America’s modern delivery system.

He also negotiated the Camp David Accords, with the end of belligerency between Egypt and Israel. He also avoided an enormous crisis in Central America with his Panama Canal Treaty.

William Howard Taft managed to achieve many things only in one term as a president. In fact, his Department of Justice was the one that busted the Standard Oil monopoly. Taft decided to forcefully advocate a central bank for America, even if the project wasn’t completed until the year after he lost the presidency to Woodrow Wilson.

He also urged free trade with Canada, while negotiating the treaty that finally ended an entire century of rancorous North American waterway disputes.

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1 thought on “5 Things Trump Actually Got Right (Part I)”

  1. You didn’t mention the over a million deaths from Covid following his longstanding ignorance and attempted deception. Nor did you comment on his flagrant attempt to destroy our democracy by inciting a coup. His criminal use of the office, his racism, his authoritarian and self-serving policies, will impact for generations.

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