5 Lies Told by President Joe Biden

Photo by BiksuTong from Shutterstock

Remember when President Joe Biden declared in a voting rights speech that he had been “arrested” while participating in a civil rights movement? Even the fact that he only SUGGESTED that this happened more than once makes this a classic Biden false claim: it’s nothing but an anecdote about his own past.

He has 0 evidence that this might have happened. Biden makes up imaginary or embellished stories about his own history. And he’s done it for a long time now. The President is known to have made lots of false claims about important policy matters, like those three subjects that occupied a lot of his time: the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the economy, and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plus, Biden was wrong on so many occasions, and sometimes he appeared inadvertent, other times it simply helped him make a political point. Let’s talk about some of the most relevant examples.

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