6 SHOCKING Covert Operations the U.S. Government Secretly Executed

Photo by Gorodenkoff from Shutterstock

Aside from the Cold War, the United States executed numerous secret operations, some of which included the infamous Project MK-Ultra, but also a heart attack gun. When the times required, the U.S. government turned to extraordinary measures to protect its national interests.

No matter the circumstances, American policymakers managed to develop ambitious, and sometimes eyebrow-raising, covert operations to combat perceived foes at home, but also abroad. During World War II, the U.S. government decided to team up with the Mafia, in order to sniff out possible Italian saboteurs.

As tensions in the Cold War escalated, the CIA studied mind-control techniques, trying to turn cats into spies, and even developed a terrifying weapon known as the “heart-attack gun”. Here are some of the most interesting stories of government operations. Spoiler alert: it includes space bombs!

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