Ivanka Trump Wretched After Saying Lockdowns Aren’t Based on Science

Ivanka Trump is no stranger to the spotlight – and she may have more eyes on her than ever now that her father is fighting a legal war to prove he shouldn’t have lost the Presidential Elections.

Like father, like daughter?

Donald Trump is already very well known for his actions regarding the scientific field – or, better said, the lack of them. The U.S. president has done little to support research progress and has even put a spoke in scientists’ wheel when it comes to reducing global warming effects.

This time, it’s his daughter that makes headlines after tweeting that the current COVID-19 lockdowns are not based on any scientific evidence.

Here’s the tweet:

Ms. Trump has also included a video in her tweet, showing a small business owner lashing out at several health inspectors after they issued him a citation for flouting closure orders.

It didn’t take long until the tweet became viral receiving thousands of comments. While some agreed with Ms. Trump’s claim that small businesses are suffering tremendously from the pandemic lockdowns, others pointed out that we all ended up in this situation due to Donald Trump’s poor management of the virus outbreak.

Scientists, enraged and disappointed

Ivanka Trump’s tweet was just another hit for scientists – one of the many heartbreaking statements they received from the Trump family over the past four years.

The Citizens for Ethics organization was so enraged that they even replied to her tweet saying:

“It will never stop amazing us that in the midst of the worst pandemic in a century, rather than turning to doctors and scientists, the closest advisors to the president were his fashion-brand owning daughter… This is why we need tighter nepotism laws.”

Justin Hendrix, media research scientist at New York University’s Tandon School of Journalism, adds that many lockdown measures could’ve been avoided, had the Trump administration listened to public health specialists since the beginning of the outbreak.


Lockdowns: essential and effective

Several recent studies, one of which you can read in The Lancet here, show that lockdowns are effective in controlling the spread of COVID-19 even though they might have a negative impact economically, socially or in other ways.

Study researchers also pointed out that ‘in the absence of adequate provisions to manage the pandemic and its societal impacts, these countries have faced continuing restrictions.’

This is definitely what we’re witnessing in our country, mainly because many states have chosen to open restaurants, cinemas and other public facilities although health experts advised otherwise. Donald Trump and his administration have largely supported these actions by diminishing the actual impact of the pandemic upon our country. One of the most shocking ways they have done that is by not allowing Dr. Anthony Fauci to explain the current health situation nationwide and strictly forbidding him to discuss crucial aspects of national interest.

You can read more about Anthony Fauci and how he says Donald Trump went against public health measures that could’ve resulted in a better outcome for our country right here.


The bright side of Ivanka Trump

Although Ivanka Trump seems to be attacked by the media (and sometimes for good reason), she is also currently advocating for several good causes.

Recently, she has been seen offering food boxes to families in need with none other than Paula White, Donald Trump’s personal pastor (a very controversial figure; more on that below). The activity was part of the Farmers to Families Food Box program initiated by the Trump family which reportedly has fed ‘billions of meals’ to families, as Ms. Trump tweeted herself.

While we weren’t able to confirm the veracity of the numbers, this type of help certainly comes in handy considering the current food crisis. More than 778,000 people are now jobless and many don’t have any food to put on their Christmas table.

Paula White has been Donald Trump’s pastor since 2002 and became viral this November, when she has performed a so-called ‘marathon prayer service’ asking for divine intervention so Mr. Trump would win the Presidential elections.

You can watch her prayer service right here:

However, this is definitely not the most controversial aspect of Paula White. She has previously been calling on Jesus Christ to ‘command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry’ and also claimed that Donald Trump’s political opponents are using sorcery and witchcraft to compromise his presidency.

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