Trump Considered NOT Leaving the White House Ahead of Inauguration Day

The political scandal following this year’s Presidential Election seems to be a never-ending, poorly-written fiction story.

Unfortunately to all of us, every aspect of our country’s story is real – except for Donald Trump’s voting fraud accusations, along with his other pile of misinformation.

In one of his latest remarks that made headlines, President Trump implies that he actually considered not leaving the White House on Inauguration Day as he normally should.

Will Donald Trump ever leave?

It’s been almost two months since Election Day – one of the most anticipated events of the year for our nation.

Yes, it has been a very tight election.

Yes, Donald Trump was shockingly close to win.

But he didn’t.

As the world is getting used to the future of having a new president (Joe Biden), Mr. Trump himself refuses to acknowledge his loss. Moreover, he has done everything imaginable to prove the fraudulence of the voting system in some swing states that could’ve assured him his victory; this complicated, tiring process has only brought him more losses as judges denied his requests in trial over and over again.

According to his advisers’ anonymous reports to CNN, Donald Trump said he is literally considering not leaving the White House on January 20th, when Joe Biden will take office. While some advisers admitted to this being nothing more than a ‘temper tantrum’ due to his loss, others suspect that Donald Trump will keep his faith.

Firstly, staying at the White House is not a legal option for Mr. Trump – at least not after Inauguration Day. Secondly, I must highlight that this is the first time in U.S. history when a head of state refuses to concede; this unprecedented situation has even led to multiple expert discussion as to what is the legal approach in such cases.

So if you’re wondering whether Donald Trump will leave the Office, the answer is ‘yes.’ This is the only legal option he has right now.

However, it doesn’t mean our country will never see Trump campaigning again. Part of the Trump administration is now actively working to convince the President to start planning a 2024 run for presidency… again. Surprising as it may seem, there’s a real chance it might happen, as Donald Trump said himself several times during the past few weeks.

Biden asks for acceptance

President-elect Joe Biden and his transition team have encountered plenty of obstacles in the process of transition of power. Initially, most Republicans refused to acknowledge his victory, which has even led to the head of the GSA refusing to sign official documents which confirm Biden’s win. This tangle of political interests has significantly delayed the transition process, denying Biden’s team access to classified documents, national security briefings or Republicans’ record files.

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In fact, Joe Biden couldn’t even receive phone calls from international country leaders who wished to express their congratulations.

Mr. Biden has recently asked Donald Trump to accept his clear victory, but the current U.S. President simply refuses to concede.

A quick look at Donald Trump’s Twitter account shows a mass series of voting fraud-related claims – most of which have been flagged by Twitter officials as a source of misinformation.

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In fact, Twitter has even implied that it may block Trump’s account once he leaves Office, and only because their policy doesn’t allow them to do it right now.

But even if Donald Trump leaves the White House, even if Twitter bans him, half of our country’s population still supports him. Tens of millions of people would still vote for him every time. Now, many of them showed their support through donations which allegedly should’ve helped Trump take legal action regarding his voting fraud accusations.

If you’re a Trump supporter, it’s definitely your right. However, you must be careful about where and to whom you’re donating: this man almost lost $2.5 million by donating for a fake Trump supporting non-profit organization!

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