Here’s What Happens if Republicans Win the 2022 Midterm Elections

Photo by Rich Koele from Shutterstock

On Tuesday, voters headed to the polls to decide which party will take control of Congress for the last half of President Biden’s first term. For the moment, Democrats control both the House and the Senate.

So what was at first seen as a wipeout for their party, has become a competitive battle. It is very possible for Republicans to pick one or both chambers of Congress, or, as a matter of fact, none.

What will happen in these elections will have a great impact on the next two years, before Biden might decide to run again for reelection. There is another candidate that’s expected to run, former president Donald Trump.

The scenario is this: if Congress is under Democratic control, then Biden will be able to pass important liberal priorities.

However, if Congress will be split or fully under Republican control, then his administration will be defending itself for the next two years. Here’s what you need to know:

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