Here’s Why Midterms Are Historically Terrifying to the Current Administration

democrats midterms
Photo by Sheila Fitzgerald from Shutterstock

Everybody expected to see the midterm elections pushing back against the party of the incumbent president. The past week’s vote can be definitely seen as a pushback for President Biden, but the midterms prove to be a lot better than expected.

Even more, the results can be easily read as a partial rebuke of Donald Trump. Even if he wasn’t on the ballot, Trump definitely promoted surrogates in the primaries who were involved in his 2020 election.

Trump managed to secure GOP nominations for the majority of his picks and some even won this week. However, when it comes to the races for senator and governor, and secretary of state, his choices still didn’t fare well. There are many Republicans who noticed that Trump’s shadow cost the party its chances this weekend.

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