Biden vs. Xi: 5 Scary Facts That Make A War With China Possible

Biden vs. Xi
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Biden vs. Xi: This call arrived at a critical moment in the Russia-Ukraine war

Biden’s call to Xi arrived at a key juncture. As the US officials have stated, China was extremely torn between providing military or even financial assistance to Russia, which was requested by Russian officials and declaring itself against the conflict.

If China agreed to this, it could have dampened its tumultuous relationship with the West for many years to come. According to the Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the concern was ongoing, given the fact that Russia expressed the need to be helped by China.

And although it seemed that China was about to give in, for the moment the situation is stable.

There are some American officials that believe Xi has been extremely unsettled by Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine, as Russia has experienced logistical and strategic setbacks ever since the invasion started.

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Biden vs. Xi: China can provide Russia with a wide range of support

The US officials were afraid that China might have helped the Russian army with meals, ammunition, spare parts, or even surveillance equipment, rather than tanks or jets.

But their biggest fear was that China might offer to help Russia with the ongoing sanctions they have to face from the West.

During their recent phone call, Biden made it very clear to Xi that there would be many downsides to assisting Russia’s war, military or financially.

But there’s a bigger stake, as U.S. officials believe Xi needs to secure a historic third term in power, given the fact that the Communist Party’s 20th National Congress in Beijing will take place this fall.

This means that Xi will try to be as mindful as possible in matters of economic risks that might appear due to secondary sanctions.

Biden vs. Xi: The US is obliged to manage a ‘cold-blooded’ partnership between Russia and China

Even before Russia decided to invade Ukraine, US officials were fearfully watching how Putin and Xi tightened their relationship. According to CIA director Bill Burns, their partnership was based on various “cold-blooded reasons”.

Even more, the two leaders oftentimes declared that their relationship had “no limits”, especially when Putin went to Beijing for talks during the Winter Olympics.

But guess what, their “no limits” partnership is now tested, as Xi had to weigh on how to respond to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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