Which Senators Get The Most Money From The NRA?

Senators NRA
Photo by Joe Belanger from Shutterstock

And while the authorities were still counting the dead after the tragic events of the Sandy Hook massacre, the NRA, instead of supporting reasonable gun control legislation decided to publically endorse the idea of placing armed security officers in the nation’s 135,000 public and private schools.

The events at Robb Elementary School where officers tried to stop the shooter before he could enter the school and failed, unequivocally prove the ludicrous nature of such a proposal as it only took minutes for this despicable piece of evil trash to wreak havoc and utter devastation on children who would never make their way home again.

How did such an organization become so powerful in the halls of power? The one real answer that goes beyond championing a widely disputed interpretation of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is simple. Money. As of June 2021, the National Rifle Association has spent about $3.31 million on lobbying, but where does that money go? Straight into the pockets of the people voted in to serve the good of the American people.

Despite the majority of Americans supporting stronger gun laws, the Republican Party has long fought against enacting any common-sense gun safety laws and as of today has more blood on their hands than ever before, but, ‘thoughts and prayers’ everyone.

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