7 False Claims Made by Hillary Clinton

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Health care

At a Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton declared that private insurance premiums have become too expensive in some states that didn’t expand Medicaid, stating that this happened because hospitals decided to shift their costs for offering emergency care for the uninsured.

By doing this, she decided to single out Republican-controlled states. However, there’s no evidence to support that claim, and experts were very reluctant whether these cost changes really occurred or not.


Clinton didn’t hold back from making all sorts of false statements about the fact that “Americans haven’t had a raise in 15 years.”, back when she was campaigning. However, the numbers shown by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proved that the real average weekly earnings for production, but also for nonsupervisory employees have gone all the way up to 9% since 2001.

Wall Street

Clinton took time to argue that during her campaign, she was very harsh with Wall Street, falsely stating that she’s one of the few candidates in the presidential campaign “on either side” who has been attacked many times in advertising funded by “Wall Street financiers and hedge fund managers”.

However, many candidates have been the target of ads that were mainly funded by big names in the financial industry, and Trump seemed to be the number one target at the time.

Foreign policy

Clinton declared that all government investigations initiated after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi came to the conclusion that “nobody did anything wrong” at the State Department. However, an independent board discovered “systemic failures and leadership, but also management deficiencies at senior levels.”

In fact, no less than four State Department employees were asked to accept administrative leave when the report came out. Later on, all four of them were reassigned. There’s also a bipartisan Senate report that showed how department officials completely ignored “dangerous threat assessments” that might have come as proof that the Benghazi facility was extremely vulnerable.

The report later mentioned that the department should have done more regarding security, or even temporarily close the mission, which led to the conclusion that the idea of leaving the facility open was a terrible mistake.

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