7 Times Everybody HATED Marjorie Taylor-Greene

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Space lasers, hidden political murders, and Muslims controlling the world

In her early years, Marjorie Taylor Greene already made a couple of mad remarks, but then again, what did we expect from an avid supporter of QAnon conspiracy theories? QAnon is also an infamous internet user who claimed that the Democratic Party is where all the pedo*hilia, Satanism, and many other bad things are happening.

When she got elected, she mentioned that she didn’t agree with some QAnon stories, but didn’t mention which. She’s known to have made a number of claims before running for office, whether they were QAnon-related or not.

And some of them are really weird, like the fact that the wildfire in California started from a laser that “beamed from space”. According to MTG, that laser was “controlled by an important Jewish banking family with powerful connections to the Democrats.”

Also, she was the one to say that Bill and Hillary Clinton were behind John F. Kennedy Jr.’s death, as he represented a strong political rival. Also, she believed that President Obama was secretly a Muslim, and the election of two Muslim women to Congress would only add up to the “takeover”.

Don’t hang “hate America flags”

One of the first things she decided upon in her term was to endorse the legislation that would ultimately ban any display of Pride flags, as they were what she called “hate America flags” at U.S. embassies.

“President Biden’s State Department decided to raise a flag over our embassies that don’t really represent the wide majority of Americans.” she declared in a press release, referring to the Pride flag. She also added that the Black Lives Matter flag is “a group who intends to erase our history and bring mass destruction to this country through Communism.”

“Equality Act will ruin “God’s Creation”

Back in February 2021, Greene remained in our collective minds for her many unhinged rants against the proposition of the Equality Act, which was meant to outlaw anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination in the entire country. In a speech that took place on the House floor, she added that if the Act passes, apocalyptic consequences will follow.

“God made us male and female,” MTG said. She also added that if the Equality Act passes, it will only destroy God’s creation. It will also annihilate all the women’s rights that have been achieved so far, but also religious freedoms.

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