11 Absurd Laws That Could Get You In Prison

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These Laws Will Send You Directly to Prison:

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all heard about all those urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in America. But, honestly now, you can’t possibly believe EVERYTHING you read on the internet, right? We’ve decided to search for ourselves and what we discovered didn’t cease to amaze us.

Apparently, IT IS illegal for a drunk person to go into a bar in Alaska. But no, a woman’s hair doesn’t legally belong to her husband in the state of Michigan. Fortunately, the list goes on. So after deciding to undertake some legal legwork and identify some of the strangest statutes that are still applied in every state, we found a whole list of state laws, that you can find here, and here. What’s really interesting is that these 11 state laws are SO strict, that if by any chance you break any of them, you 100% will do prison time:

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