4 Times America Got Involved in The Affairs Of Other Countries – Part I

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4 Times America Interfered With Foreign Governments’ Businesses

Throughout history, America didn’t hold back from using its military and covert operations to get into other countries businesses. We were there to overthrow or even prop up foreign governments that had nothing to do with us, just to ” protect” the U.S. strategic and business interests.

The U.S. intervention in foreign governments started with attacks on and displacement in various sovereign tribal nations in North America.

Back in the 1890s, this particular imperialist activity that was fueled by the idea of Manifest Destiny, expanded, especially when the U.S. decided to overthrow the Hawaiian Kingdom and take its islands.

As America decided to conquer more overseas territories for its own empire, its presence could be felt in other countries governments, especially those in its backyard. Here are a couple of examples:

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