Exactly Which Countries Possess Nuclear Weapons?

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9. North Korea

North Korea is estimated to have between 30-40 nuclear warheads. North Korea accelerated its nuclear program following the Cold War. It was eager to find security leverage after it had economic turmoil. North Korea was a part of NPT but withdrew in 2003 after accusations by the United Nations of having a secret uranium enrichment program.

North Korea is estimated to have 30-40 warheads as of January 2020. North Korea is estimated to have about 20-40 kilograms of plutonium and about 250-500 kilograms of highly enriched uranium. North Korea has estimated annual fissile materials that can produce 6-7 weapons.

In 2006, North Korea announced that due to the intimidation by the United States, it would proceed to conduct nuclear tests. They reported a successful test in October 2006. North Korea operates a 5-megawatt heavy-water graphite moderated reactor to extract plutonium for its nuclear heads.

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