5 Corrupt Public Officials You’ve Never Heard Of

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With the news that 42 year old Seth Andrew, who served as an education advisor in the Obama White House, has been charged by federal authorities with scheming to steal $218,005 from a public charter school network that he founded, it’s a stark reminder that corruption and crime is not just something you hear about happening in Third World dictatorships.

Unfortunately, American politics have seen its fair share of unscrupulous, unethical, and downright crooked people. Individuals, and sometimes groups, who instead of serving the public good, ultimately only serve their own interests and greed. Here we take a look at some of the most corrupt public officials in America who tried to line their own pockets.

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11 thoughts on “5 Corrupt Public Officials You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. The evidence of corruption in the Trump administration has been proven ten fold.
    Trump personally has led a life of robbing everyone from his family to victims of 9/11/2001.
    He received money intended for those that had business disruption from the Twin Towers collapse without having any proven damages.
    He has ripped off his siblings of much of their inheritance.
    He has defaulted on millions and millions in loans and construction contracts.
    And just ten months ago in the final days of his presidency he has committed treasonous acts against the United States of America.
    History will show that Trump is the most corrupt and incompetent president to ever hold office in the history of the United States of America!

  2. # 6 on your list should be Joe Biden….using his son who used his father’s position to rake in Millions of dollars from foreign countries. All came to light with the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop that revealed their schemes. In fact, the entire Biden family has been enriched because of our criminal “commander in chief” while he served as Senator, VP and now President. Just take a look at Joe and Jill Biden’s many multi-million dollar homes and ask yourself, how could he afford those palatial homes on a Senator’s and schoolteacher’s salaries?? A simple google search will show them in their magnificence. Yet, your article points out that some of the crooks that you mentioned, had their sentences commuted by Donald Trump. Yet, you and the MSM have failed America by calling Hunter Biden’s laptop, Russian disinformation and had any mention of it erased from all media right before the election last year. So, besides the Biden family as my choice for being on that list. The NUMBER ONE on your list should be the CORRUPT MEDIA. I know you won’t print this comment because YOU’RE a part of the problem.

  3. I lived in Eunice, La. and in growing up we all heard of Mr. Edwards….he may have been a crook but he also did good things. He was responsible for getting the dome built in New Orleans,La. and also saw that people would get commities like flour, cheese,and powered milk….these things really kept poor people from starving…thet would also get some food stamps. He also got the river boat gambling casinos which helped the cities for some revenue.

  4. Were any of these people charged or convicted. This makes you wonder about some of our currant ones who are becoming millionaires such as the speaker and husband, president and artist druggie son as a starter. The ones now are worse.
    the old marine

  5. I’m disturbed to see Trump commuted some of these criminals sentences, I’ve always supported him, would certainly like an explanation from him !

  6. I remember when Edwin Edwards was running for Governor again, even though he had been convicted of corruption, his opponent was David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. There were bumper stickers on cars that said, “Vote for the Crook, it’s THAT important!” That would have been where I would have written on my ballot, “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

    But, such is Louisiana politics!

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