5 Corrupt Public Officials You’ve Never Heard Of

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With the news that 42 year old Seth Andrew, who served as an education advisor in the Obama White House, has been charged by federal authorities with scheming to steal $218,005 from a public charter school network that he founded, it’s a stark reminder that corruption and crime is not just something you hear about happening in Third World dictatorships.

Unfortunately, American politics have seen its fair share of unscrupulous, unethical, and downright crooked people. Individuals, and sometimes groups, who instead of serving the public good, ultimately only serve their own interests and greed. Here we take a look at some of the most corrupt public officials in America who tried to line their own pockets.

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50 thoughts on “5 Corrupt Public Officials You’ve Never Heard Of”

    1. Try to stay current. No one has been charged in the Biden family. Focus on the loser. Not you’re concerned about facts.

    2. What an absolute fool you are and now the public knows it! Lol! Your lover boy trump should be tops on this list. The President Biden
      stories you hear on faux news are complete and utter lies. #GOPliesabouteverything #GOPrussianassets

    3. What has Joe Biden done to you? Maybe I’m missing something. Educate me because I don’t see slime with this man.


    4. Hey Mark Onan you must be a trumper, accusations made where is the proof, lies,lies,lies. Go ahead bring it out again,again, & again till the trumpers end up believing it. I’m thankful that the donald was not the President for this present term, he would of sent PUTIN weapons instead of Ukraine, how many lives have been messed up because of the DONALD & this goes back many,many years how about the 2 Casino’s he lost in New Jersey he had the lowest payoffs of all casino’s Ripping people off, go ahead Mark lie about people, slander them typical for trump believers, the truth will set you free it will be a long time before you get there.

    5. That ‘slime’ Biden is working his ass off to fix the shit done to this country by trump! I suppose he’s your ‘favorite’ excuse for a president!

  1. The evidence of corruption in the Trump administration has been proven ten fold.
    Trump personally has led a life of robbing everyone from his family to victims of 9/11/2001.
    He received money intended for those that had business disruption from the Twin Towers collapse without having any proven damages.
    He has ripped off his siblings of much of their inheritance.
    He has defaulted on millions and millions in loans and construction contracts.
    And just ten months ago in the final days of his presidency he has committed treasonous acts against the United States of America.
    History will show that Trump is the most corrupt and incompetent president to ever hold office in the history of the United States of America!

    1. Not true. How can you see proof of the Biden crime syndicate and still stick to your sad unproven allegations? Get your head out in the air and see the destruction of your country. Maybe have a thought!

    2. If history is portrayed correctly, I believe all politician are corrupt in some way. We just have to choose the politicians who love America and Americans and want to help all the American Citizens. I believe Trump fits that bill. What has Biden done to improve the lives of the citizens of America?
      Barbara Vicknair

    3. You and people like YOU are what is killing this country. You and all of your Mush Head moronic morons that are of the same ideology are so stupid that it is hard for any common sense person to really understand just how broken you and ALL of your so called friends truly are.
      You can’t fix stupid and YOU are the proof

    4. EXACTLY!! Trump, Majority of The Republicans and Their Ignorant Gullible Brainwashed Cult Following Idiots Supporters Are NOTHING But Self Serving Greedy Ass Pathological Lying, Propaganda Conspiracy Theories SPREADING Cheating Lowlife Lobbyists For The COVID19 Virus and Home Grown Domestic Terrorists!!

  2. # 6 on your list should be Joe Biden….using his son who used his father’s position to rake in Millions of dollars from foreign countries. All came to light with the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop that revealed their schemes. In fact, the entire Biden family has been enriched because of our criminal “commander in chief” while he served as Senator, VP and now President. Just take a look at Joe and Jill Biden’s many multi-million dollar homes and ask yourself, how could he afford those palatial homes on a Senator’s and schoolteacher’s salaries?? A simple google search will show them in their magnificence. Yet, your article points out that some of the crooks that you mentioned, had their sentences commuted by Donald Trump. Yet, you and the MSM have failed America by calling Hunter Biden’s laptop, Russian disinformation and had any mention of it erased from all media right before the election last year. So, besides the Biden family as my choice for being on that list. The NUMBER ONE on your list should be the CORRUPT MEDIA. I know you won’t print this comment because YOU’RE a part of the problem.

    1. I am never surprised by the amount of people that seem to forget, they had a pretty good nest egg when they worked for the government to begin with. It’s not hard to gain wealth it just takes a bit of gambling with your money and investing in the winners, not the losing companies. You would be amazed at how much money you can make. You ever ask your self the opening worth of MSFT and what it is now days> How about Tesla? First time I saw them was at about 40$ a share. So don’t think everyone is crooked because they have a few bucks. You hang out with the right people and the perks are always there. You and others think it is against the law to be rich? Remember, don’t get your advice from a guy holding up a piece of cardboard with something wrote on it. Wait till you get close enough to read it before you decide to judge them. Could be trump looking for a handout.

    2. Number 1 on the list should be Trump. Then his daughter, son-in-law and the rest of the clowns associated with his white house.

    3. All rebuked and proven wrong. Faux News strikes again and again and you little sheep believe them. Lol! Complete waste of time.

    4. Wha! Wha! Do you see the people in the audience at his rally. Show me one person that has a full set of teeth. Most people got a free meal and a 40 oz.

  3. I lived in Eunice, La. and in growing up we all heard of Mr. Edwards….he may have been a crook but he also did good things. He was responsible for getting the dome built in New Orleans,La. and also saw that people would get commities like flour, cheese,and powered milk….these things really kept poor people from starving…thet would also get some food stamps. He also got the river boat gambling casinos which helped the cities for some revenue.

  4. Were any of these people charged or convicted. This makes you wonder about some of our currant ones who are becoming millionaires such as the speaker and husband, president and artist druggie son as a starter. The ones now are worse.
    the old marine

  5. I’m disturbed to see Trump commuted some of these criminals sentences, I’ve always supported him, would certainly like an explanation from him !

    1. these were not violent criminals–sometimes people in high places have to pat back a favor here or there –
      ask clinton about the rapists and murderers he pardoned when he left office-
      obama also–
      probably a lot of others did too -but who has time to worry about this stupid poop-

  6. I remember when Edwin Edwards was running for Governor again, even though he had been convicted of corruption, his opponent was David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. There were bumper stickers on cars that said, “Vote for the Crook, it’s THAT important!” That would have been where I would have written on my ballot, “NONE OF THE ABOVE!”

    But, such is Louisiana politics!

  7. This is really hilarious. If all the politicians were half as crooked as the writers say, and we were able to remove them, there would be No one left in office. So why do we have this problem?? It’s because politicians are selected from the general population…..people like you and me. Unfortunately it looks like an honest man—-or woman—-is hard to find. From early childhood most Americans are bombarded from all directions with messages that tell them that the MOST important thing in life is to achieve fame and fortune….no matter how you get it. Don’t expect corrupt politicians to go away until people change. It may never happen.

  8. America is still wondering how Hillary got to be a zillionaire………….never having a real job other than politics……….now we have Hunter raking in zillions with no talent at all…… I guess their families will never have to worry about $$$$…………….. Where are the Attorneys-General…………….? Afraid……….? Everyone can look back on Hillary’s foes & see that many turned up dead……….

  9. If you have knowledge that he has done these criminal offenses , you have an obligation to take your evidence to the proper authorities and see that he is charged. Either that or you’re blowing that same old smoke. Russiagate, Trump’s a traitor, proven to be a Clinton creation to get her elected by a very stupid majority. Trump’s hands aren’t all that clean, but he has maneuvered within the law to stay out of not only jail but out of a great deal, according to you, of litigation. But when you elect a career politician that has constantly used the system to enrich himself and his family and should now be in a ward instead of the WH, and you call Trump the most corrupt and incompetent president, it’s pretty clear that you’re not all there. Get a checkup.

  10. Barack Obama and his wife have to be near the top of the list. He put the United States on the road to Socialism. He isn’t even a natural born citizen of the United States and should never been president of our country. A real birth certificate was shown by his Kenyan brother while a fake certificate was brought forth by a lady lawyer from Hawaii where his fake birth certificate was forged. Yet, the Democrats totally stayed away from investigating that forgery! There are several Democrats that should be on the list as well. Namely, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, and a number of others, even some from the past. Included in that list are some recent Republicans like Liz Chendy, Romney, just tomention a couple as there are a few others as well! Senate Majority leader McConnell is not very far behind this group as well.
    Donald Trump put this coutry on the path to Americanism, saving our Constitution, keeping criminals and many others out of our country, bringing back manufacturing to our country while keeping here what industry we already have and puttin a stop to getting everything from Communist China, a fighter of terrorists countries, not what is happening today with the Biden administration. That shuld put Biden on this list as well as his son.

  11. Donald J Trump should have been impeached for the way he handled COVID-19. Millions of people died because of his ignorance. He never owned up to the severity of COVID-19. He is a horrible old man with no scruples and he is willing to destroy anyone who has any decency and integrity. For the life of me, I can’t believe that so many people would think that all Americans would vote for this man. His Ego is going to get the best of him. Self will run riot. He is a pathological liar. He needs to be indited and put away. The Department of Justice has enough of this man to put him on trial now and stop giving him a platform making him think that he is the great I am. He is a loser, especially in politics. He is a fraud. He is coarse and vulgar. He always wants to be seen.
    You folks want to believe him because you are on that same hateful page that he’s on. But that’s ok. There is one who sees everything and knows the thoughts of all of us. I do believe that one day all this will be over and man will have accomplished his goal. To destroy one another.

  12. First off what is with the “Go Brandon”? It is stupid. Joe Biden is the President of the United States. Yes, he is!! How many more times do we have to count the ballots or try to change voting rules to get the outcome that little Donny wants. Talk about corrupt. There is no politician more corrupt then Donald Trump. Put your big boy pants on Trump and move on with your life. He is not only corrupt but he is disgusting. I never was a strict Democrat or Republican but after Donald Trump and now how
    corrupt the Republican party is in general I will never vote Republican again. Donald Trump is the United States version of Putin. Let’s go Jackass!!

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