6 People Who TRAGICALLY Died After Opposing Putin

Image By Degtyaryov Andrey From Shutterstock

Alexander Litvinenko, 2006

Alexander Litvinenko was an ex-KGB agent who died three weeks after drinking tea that was laced with dead polonium-210 at a London hotel. A British inquiry discovered that Litvinenko was, in fact, poisoned by two Russian agents, who were acting on orders pre-approved by Putin. Russia didn’t agree t extradite them, and back in 2015, the Russian president granted Lugovoi a medal for his “services to the motherland”.

After he left the Russian Federal Security Service, Litvinenko soon became a vocal critic of the agency (run by Putin), and was quick to blame the security service for a series of horrific apartment bombings in Russia, back in 1999, which killed many.

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