Trump’s BIG Announcement is a Total Dud

Trump's Announcement
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As stated before, people have discounted and dismissed Trump in the past at their peril as the ‘Teflon Don’ brushed off everything thrown at him as easily as he did dandruff on the shoulders of French President Macron’s suit. However, something feels wildly different this time. Trump’s underwhelming announcement for the presidency and his subsequent retreat to the safety of Mar-a-Lago have made him look as weak as he ever has. And with people on the red side of the aisle increasingly eyeing DeSantis as their guy for 2024, many are saying this is the end of the line for the Trump train.

The recent appointment of the extremely serious Special Master Jack Smith to ramp up the investigations into Trump’s involvement in the Capitol riots and his mishandling of classified documents is seeing Trump’s feet at the fire for the first time in his life, never mind his political life. This poorly thought out, badly constructed bid to grift more money out of people he has been grifting for years has not only massively backfired, but it has shown the world that, as his legal bills pile up, Trump will do just about anything, no matter how ludicrous it may be, to avoid paying a single red cent for his own defense.

If you want to learn more about just how much legal trouble the former president is in, click —>HERE<— to learn more.

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