Trump’s BIG Announcement is a Total Dud

Trump's Announcement
Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The clues were already there that this ‘announcement’ might be a little on the strange side as the video Trump posted on Truth Social had him saying “America needs a superhero” over an animation of himself standing outside Trump Tower, ripping open his suit to reveal a superhero costume and shooting lasers from his eyes. This Marvel style trailer announcing an upcoming trailer left many people scratching their heads about what was to come next.

The speculation circus went into overdrive as politicians, pundits, and people on the Internet started guessing what was coming next. Many thought it was going to be Trump announcing his running mate for the 2024 presidential bid, with the always controversial mum with a gun, Marjorie Taylor Greene waiting in the shadows. While others thought Trump might announce a bid to be speaker of the US House, a move that while not impossible, seems likely to end in failure.

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