Who Is Jen Psaki Really? 9 Things You Don’t Know About Her

Jen Psaki
The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is a veteran in political communications, and she was the face of the Biden administration ever since she had her first press briefing on Inauguration Day until the spring of 2022.

Psaki, who is 42 years old, has become famous for her way of calmly delivering President Joe Biden’s plans. You might not realize that this woman, who was one of the most important spokespersons in the whole country, comes from the Greenwich-Stamford area.

Are you curious to know more about the woman that we’ve recently been seeing so often? Here are 9 of the most important things you should know about Jen Psaki:

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125 thoughts on “Who Is Jen Psaki Really? 9 Things You Don’t Know About Her”

  1. Brian R Johnson

    Jenn Psaki is always making way too many excuses for Joe Biden’s incompetance as a President of the USA.

    1. Psaki does a good job at what she does. However, her lies and refusing to answer many press questions makes me change the TV channel. She will never tell the truth about Biden and his democrats.

      1. Steven Seamons

        I agree. How do so many liars get together, and trust each other? Is it an association of narcissistic idiots?

    2. Angel Rodriguez

      You can’t talk incompetence and support Donald Trump. He was not only incompetent, but also, lawless, authoritarian, corrupt, un-American, cruel and a pathological liar.

      1. Name.in objective terms what he was incompetent about.

        Your obvious dislike for him is not objective.

        I will wait…..

      2. He was the most patriotic president we have had in a very long time and thoroughly America FIRST!! Unlike Obama and Biden who have always been America LAST!!!!! AND ALWAYS UNPATRIOTIC…Obama was caught refusing to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem!! PATHETIC!!

      3. Lies from you snd the Biden administration. Are you happy with high inflation high gas prices out of control spending , attacks on parents, attacks on free speech , open borders. Out of control crime. Psaki was the queen of lies snd misinformation.

      4. Totally wrong, your assessment shows that you are not able to look at the differences in the two leaders. Just because Trump wasn’t a politician or political correct doesn’t mean he was not a good president. The company was doing well, until Fauci gave the go ahead for the virus . We know they had it and was waiting for the best time to let it out as Fauci told Trump he would face a pandemic in his term. They already had a patent for the vaccine. This is not conspiracy theories this is proven. Now we have Obama in his 3rd term. Trump is the PATRIOT 💥🇺🇸✅

      5. Horst Sturcken

        That’s a Democratic answer, it’s a shame y’all are believing all the lies your liberal media’s telling you. Look for the truth you’d be shocked what’s waiting for you.

      6. Robert Weatherford

        Angel, where have you been for the last ten years. You just described Biden, Obama and Hillary.

      7. I will take Trump administration anyday over the piece of crap that is in the white house now. PEACE FOR 4 YEARS VS THE WHOLE WORLD STARTED FALLING APART on day1 of Bite Me Adminstration $2 gas vs $4.85 under Bite Me, the whole economy has went south under Bite Me, except for yhose pouting across the southern border who get a bus trip and some hefty pocket change and fed. There is nothing right about the Bite Me administration or democrats in general.

      8. Barry Schweigert

        Yeah right. Don’t you sound foolish. President Trump obviously was more competent than “Let’s go Brandon”. We WISH we had President Trump right now.

      9. Not the Donald Trump I voted for. But I think that the term “pathological liar” is a good fit for geriatric Joe. Of course, the poor man can’t even follow a teleprompter effectively, so who really knows in charge?

      10. Obed Fernandez

        You are correct , those who chose to follow him at this juncture have had an overdose of cool-aide.
        He is a complete sociopath devoid of a conscience.

      1. Jenn Psaki is an abject failure as white house press secretary. Her arrogance and lack of meaningful information leads many Americans to not believe anything she says.

      2. Yes. Sarah Huckabee Sanders strength was that she had only to tell the truth. Psaki, no matter how hard she tried, or how much they paid her, could not succeed in making lies look like the truth. She’s on the wrong side.

    3. Name 3 things that he has done that demonstrate he is incompetent. Remember, just because he does something you don’t like that does not mean he is incompetent. If that was the basis for determining incompetent, it would mean almost all the Republican representatives and most of the senators are incompetent.

      1. High inflation, open borders, out of control spending and crime, supply shortages, gas shortages, misinformation and lies from Biden snd Psaki hurts out free speech rights, attacks on parents. Etc etc etc. Biden is s clown

    4. The biggest problem you have with Biden is that he ain’t tRUMP. Psaki doesn’t suffer fools very well when questioned by tRUMP supporters, most of whom are not so bright. She doesn’t need to make excuses for Biden. Biden is not perfect, but he does act like a president. tRUMP acted like a retarded clown.

      1. He acts like a president of Ukraine. He is looking after his and Hunters business in that country as he lets our country fall apart.

      2. Really? Name ONE THING Sleepy Joe has done for our country instead of dividing us, destroying our Economy, opening up our borders to over a million illegal immigrants along with tons of illegal drugs, embarrassing the US internationally, etc. Really?! LETS GO BRANDON!

    5. Please, do you remember trumps press secretary!! This woman knows what she is doing and it is a pleasure to listen to her news conferences. Why is it people just want nasty, Like everyone who did anything in the Trump administration. I can wake up and go to bed at night relaxed not wondering what somebody in trumps administration had said or done that was ridiculous


    6. Yeah, the previous ‘president’ could have used someone like her to explain his total lack of ability in the job, but he just hired bimbos like himself who couldn’t tell the truth, even if they knew it.
      Biden has had to deal with the failed policies of his predecessor as well as now trying to avert a third world war. Thank god we have Biden and Psaki!

    7. She’s great at covering up the truth and lying, defending the other liars, so if that’s what the dirty democrats think makes a good press Secretary, she’s earned that title!!

    8. Psaki, a treasonous malevolent malignant tumor on the face of political truth, excusing and justifying, the criminal and traitorous acts of the Biden, DemocRAT Administration.their Hallmark policy of destroying the Constitution in an attempt to force a Chinese style dictatorship with constant surveillance, thought police, baby murder,.human, child and drug trafficking, no reliable law. Unless you kiss their ass. An evil satanist worshipping woman.

  2. Jen Psaki is like a breath of fresh air after enduring the previous parade of press secretaries, i.e. Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Stephanie Grisham, and Kayleigh McEnany. All of them performed poorly because they seemed to be primarily concerned with pleasing their audience of one, Donald J. Trump, instead of presenting meaningful or accurate information to the public. Anthony Scaramucci was also supposed to serve as communication director, but he only lasted for 10 or 11 days because of the chaos and uproar he created. Jen Psaki is prepared, pleasant, and able to handle reporters’ questions with ease in the daily briefings.

  3. Her propaganda is very damaging to the precarious state that the country is in now! Honesty would be the best policy, though it would not put the democratic party in a good light. Right now her focus should be what’s good for America ONLY! After all, that affects all of us….Democrat AND Republican! We will all live with the outcome of these crises affecting the whole world!

  4. I love Jen Psaki. She is a master communicator and delivers the messages and answers questions truthfully, calmly and intelligently. The hint of occasional sarcasm is wonderful as well.


  6. She must think the american people are truely stupid, to believe all the bs and lies she feeds us every day. She lies as much as dementia,where am I slo,joe, the embarrassment we live with each day.Both need to be removed for total incompetency.

  7. “White House’s press strategy. From day one, Psaki was crystal clear about her goals: she wants to help the public trust the government and set up an improved press shop than the former presidents Donald Trump and Brack Obama had.”
    TRUST THE GOV’T??? Ptak lies loudly daily. Covid, ivermectin, peepee tapes, hunter the meth head, sanctions will (then won’t) prevent the unnatural humanity disaster in Ukraine, VPBiden’s quid pro quo w/Ukraine, rising prices /inflation being Raz(Putin)’s fault when it was senile Biden’s fault we’re no longer energy independent. Second to FBI & CIA traitors, Ptak is the most destructive, lyingest creature in government. It will be generations before we trust govt over 50% thanks to the left of Obama, Biden, Pelosi & Jen Ptak.

  8. It does not take an intelligent person to avoid tough questions. Dancing all around the truth and the honest answers is pretty simple, just lie about it.

  9. She makes me trust politicians far less than I used to. She lies more smoothly than she tells the truth. She comes across as she thinks she’s better than anyone else. She is nice looking and carries herself well but I won’t miss her.

  10. One thing she has not accomplished is developing more trust. She lies and most people know it. I do not trust one thing she says even when she circles back.

  11. Jen Psaki is a breath of fresh air after listening to the “alternative truths” of the former administration for 4 years… how she remains calm in the face of Peter Doocey’s continued attempts to somehow catch her in his stupid questions on a daily basis, astounds me. I want to reach through the television and smack him up beside the head! She is always articulate and prepared. She tries to be fair in giving everyone an equal shot at asking questions, no matter how foolish some of them are… I will truly miss her when she does decide to leave her position.

  12. She is remarkable and so poised and competent and love her style. She could run for President and Biden is not incompetent. He inherited the former BUFFOON Tramp’s year of global shutdown and as the audiobook “PERIL” explains, almost ending America and mankind. Biden has been an astute rock in the face of unprecedented challenges. Thank God we have the team we have now. Great job!

    1. That’s so totally wrong and hilarious that you would think that, we must see two different people, because OBiden is nothing like you describe, and your description of Trump is OBiden!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Yeah really. She reminded me of how arrogant and condescending Obama is. I cannot stand listening to either one of them. Glad she’s gone.

  13. Beverly Lawrence

    Ms Psaki does a great job of dodging the questions she is ask. In her soft spoken voice, and sarcastic tone, she dodges the real question while building up President Biden & brushing off the real concern of the posed ?
    It is both demeaning to the person asking it as well as insulting to the viewers watching it. I have no doubt she is an intelligent woman, and knows exactly what she is doing. She plays hide & seek behind her podium very well!

  14. Biden has to go but there’s nobody to take his place. he should suck it up and get help from Trump,,,,,Harris is nothing but a joke.
    Biden doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. He is out of it.. I don’t like him at all, but don’t wish bad health on anyone .

  15. Love her concise and straightforward approach to answering sometimes ridiculous questions. A real improvement after the last administrations set of ? (who knows what they were.)

  16. she hs ovbiously NOT met her goals as making WH communications clear. She is a born liar with many facts and high level items not discussed. Basically hidden from view unless covered by other networks/people.
    Frankly, I cannot stand to listen to her “take no responsibility” lines, inaccurate information and personal looks (usually with that flaming red hair and a different colored red dress. She may be the face of Biden but she is NOT the face of the US and political views.

  17. Her lucid style and measured presentation is a breath of fresh air and truly a pleasure to watch. I now actually look forward to an intelligent and balanced presentation of a White House Press Conference.

  18. Jen is a cool cucumber who appears well-versed on rekevant topics, non-intimidated by news reporters and well-intentioned in her motivation to do a good job for the American people.

    1. Such a stupid incompetent individual, like Biden and Harris. Our country is out of control and no respect for being able to live in such a awesome country. It’s ashamed and a joke with Biden, Harris and their joke of press secretaries they have. God Bless America and if you don’t like it, then leave.


  20. She is believable and pretty direct,this is what the audience wants and need;after four years of lies and fairy tales

  21. 1 question. Why doesn’t she have her husband’s last name as it is not normal for her to continue w/ her maiden name? That’s a bit callous to me & disrespectful to him!

  22. She said “I’m not a monter”. Hahaha. I’m not so sure. However, it must be a demoralizing job to have to cover for Dementia Joe all the time. The thing is this. Even if you disagree with an action by POTUS, you have no recourse except to blow smoke if you’re his press secretary. What a crappy job!

  23. I don’t consider Biden’s administration incompetent, although as a Republican I am not a fan. I do consider his predecessor to be a megalomaniacal, hyperbolic criminal who bullshitted America from day one of his administration. His deleterious effect on American politics runs deep and still clouds our nations democratic future.

  24. Dennis L. James

    NOT a giant Biden fan, however it is quite refreshing to watch and listen to a White House P.S., that doesn’t lie thru her teeth, to upgrade a buffoon’s antics… I also like the way she politely shuts down ignorant ‘got ya’ questions from the faux ‘news’ network… Too bad she’s leaving!.. Hopefully the Biden Administration has ehr wherewithall to repace het with someone as adept at common sense explainations and calling out at best, ignorant questions…

  25. Jenn Psaki is just a pawn in one of the most devastating administrations in America’s history. The lies that flow from her mouth more than I have ever heard! How can you just blow off the 13 soldiers killed in the Afghanistan debacle? How do you just blow off the 100,000 jobs lost in the Keystone Pipeline shutdown and then have the audacity to say that gas prices are Trumps fault? We were oil independent when Trump was in the Whitehouse!!
    Jenn Paski and the entire administration are nothing more than a disgrace and an international laughing stock!

  26. She has a very hard job, clean up after all these idiots in this administration but she can always blame someone else. She is good at that too.

  27. Let me circle back to that, hasn’t answered direct questions and is just another privileged one that doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle to survive! How much more is there to know??

  28. Your comment about her “relationship” with Peter Doocy is ridiculous. I have never seen such a rude, petty, and untruthful Press Secretary. She lies every time she is in front of the mic. And her ridicule of Peter Doocy is so unprofessional!

  29. JRMMAIL 4/22/22 7:30 pm
    I belive she is doing one hell of a job, way,way better then the previous administration which was full of lies from them & there big boss.

  30. I LOVE that she is succinct and right on point during her time with the press . I feel that she is probably the most honest press secretary in a very long time.

  31. Jen Psaki, is a very arrogant person. She makes too many excuse for the President. Why isn’t she being held accountable for swearing at Peter Doucy.

    Thought the President said he would FIRE anyone if they treated others with disrespect

    During a swearing-in ceremony for White House staff, President Joe Biden told employees he’d fire them “on the spot” if he heard they treated others with disrespect. Source: CNN

  32. Arthur Loren Kontio

    I think that she’s the most phenomenal press secretary EVER! Such calm delivery and bulldog aggression to those the challenge her, or her president. I would hope that someday she runs for a national position….I can see her, finally, as the first female president.

  33. Bernard R. Buckley

    Jenn Psaki is one of the most prolific propagandists who took to the podium. She consistently lies and makes excuses for Biden. No one believes her and she is a total disgrace to her position.

  34. Well Little Ms. Lying Hood should stick to swimming. I think she was thrown a life vest getting out of the White House and getting a news reporter job because she was not sinking in her career she was absolutely drowning in her lies and circle back comments. Just my perspective on Jen.

  35. We were energy independent, lowest unemployment rate for all races, tried to secure our boarder. All while being under constant attack from the socialist commie democrats.

  36. I loved this! I deeply miss the assurance President Trump seem to always have, and proof our country was standing up FOR OUR USA!

  37. Angel
    I could only think you are describing the whole Democratic Party either your comments. Trump put America first.

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