Domestic Terrorist Groups You Need To Know About Now

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Although we have only recently had to deal with foreign terror groups attacking our homeland, sadly, throughout the history of America till the present day, there have been many terrorist attacks carried out on our own soil by our own people.

These acts have been carried out in the name of race, religion, political ideology, environmental issues to name a few, but no matter what agenda or ideology you wish to pursue, violence against others is never the solution.

In the 20th century and now into the 21st, domestic terrorism has become a troubling thorn in the side of democracy as more and more homegrown groups are emerging who are more than willing to use not just violence, but the death of innocent Americans to get what they want.

But just who are these people? Here we take a look at some of the most extreme domestic terror groups that you should know about.

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1. Alpha 66 and Omega 77

These terrorist groups are affiliated with each other, and they are the Cuban exile terrorist group responsible for a series of bombings and sabotage. These two domestic terrorist groups were operational during the Cuban-USA diplomacy and negotiations of the 1970s.

The domestic attack which was carried out was targeted towards Cuba and the government of Fidel Castro. Many lives were lost from these groups as a result of the anti-Castro that occurred in Miami.

Many who advocated a peaceful co-existence during this period and those who condemn the Cuban exile violence were bombed.

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2. Animal Liberation Front

This is a movement that Ronnie Lee led. He advocates his movement as a decentralized political and social movement was a non-violent protest against the cruelty targeted against animals. His movement was a direct action for animals to be given freedom and remove from farms, laboratories, and other places they were kept.

With this, the movement carried out various destruction on facilities that were used for keeping animals. In the early 2000s, the group was termed a terrorist group by the FBI with the claim of promoting and causing domestic violence. This action of the group led to economic loss and destruction on individuals and companies.

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3. Army of God

This is a group that has an ideology based on religious affiliation. The group propounds a halt to abortion in the United States. They advocate an act of anti-abortion that gone haywire, causing a lot of domestic violence. It was termed as a Christian terrorist group of the United States because of the unrest caused domestically.

With the intention to forcefully put an end to abortion, series of the bombing was carried out on abortion clinics and other places. The group also engages in kidnapping and murder on those who engage in abortion. This is with the mindset of putting the ideology against abortion forward.

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4. Atomwaffen Division

This is a neo-Nazi organization that was the backbone of the American Nazi Party and National Socialist Liberation Front. The ideology of this movement was against minorities, Jews, and LGBT people. It is an extremist group that has been labeled as a terrorist group causing domestic violence in America.

Their ideology is to overthrow the United States federal government through the use of terrorism and guerrilla warfare. This group also promotes ethnic cleansing and the racial war on non-whites living in the US. There have been several murders that this group carried out to make a stand for their ideologies.

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5. Earth Liberation Front

This group has a different ideology which they represent and put forward. Their ideologies center on anti-globalization, eco-feminists, animal liberationists, anti-capitalist, among others. This group is also known as Elves. With their ideologies, they use economic sabotaging and guerrilla warfare to put an end to exploitation and environmental destruction.

In 2001, the group was termed as an organization that is instigating domestic threats in the US. This is based on the arson carried out by this group which led to the damage of millions of dollars, vandalization, and destruction of vehicles, among other violent acts that were carried out.

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6. Ku Klux klan

This is a domestic terrorist organization that has been in existence as far back as 1865 till the present.

Their ideology is based on politics which centers on white supremacy and nationalism, Nordicism, segregation, Christian terrorism, and neo-confederalism. As a white supremacist terrorist group, its targets are African-Americans, Catholics, Jews, immigrants, homosexuals, atheists, Muslims, and leftists.

Their domestic terrorism against the federal government and freed slaves led to the Civil Rights Movement. Lots of violence, murder, and arson have been perpetrated by this organization to further their political ideologies.

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7. Phineas Priesthood

This movement started as a Christian movement, and their religious ideology frown at interracial sex, homosexuality, racial mixing, and abortion. The movement also propounds an anti-Semitism ideology, anti-multicultural, and is against paying taxes. This movement is a decentralized one as it does not have a particular governing body that stands as the leader.

Their allegiance identifies members of the group to the ideologies which the movement stood for. This movement has been termed terrorist because of the bombing of abortion clinics, attempt to blow up the FBI, and blowing off and robbery of banks.

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8. The Base

This is a hate group established by a former FBI and Pentagon staff Rinaldo Nazzaro in 2018. It is a terrorist group with a political ideology based on neo-Nazism, the supremacy of the whites, accelerationism, and ONA Satanism. The sole aim of this group is to overthrow the existing government and establish a white ethnostate.

To achieve the terrorist act believed in, the extremist acquired terrorist skills that will aid them in carrying out the violent attack. In 2021, both the Canadian government and the UK have labeled the group as a terrorist group.

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9. Black Panther Party

This party was established with the intent of self-defense for the blacks in America. It kicks start in Oakland, California, through the coming together of both Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton. The party aimed to be cop watching to monitor and check the excesses of the officers of the police department in Oakland and their brutality.

The party’s ideology revolves around anti-imperialism, anti-racism, Black Nationalism, womanism, Marxism-Leninism, black power, among others. The party was considered a terrorist group by the FBI as a result of the firefights which they had with the police, which serves as a threat to the community.

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10. Proud Boys

This is an organization that belongs to the far-right ideology movement in the US. This organization is a male organization with a political ideology that centers on anti-feminism, anti-LGBT, anti-Semitism, neo-fascism, chauvinism, among others.

Their activities are that of political violence with the motive against the progressive and the left-wing.

Other activities which the organization also embarks on are picketing and harassment. Based on the violent acts they had perpetrated, the organization is described with various terms like the extremist conservatives.

In 2021, the United States Justice Department prosecuted the conspiracy members of the Capitol attack and labeled them as a terrorist organization.


To clean the state off the threat of the security of lives and properties being posed by these extremists with a contrary belief and anti-government ideology, it is more of all hand on deck.

The government and the citizens of the land must earnest together to tackle it. To do that, the domestic terrorist groups must be known and identified to combat them.

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  1. How could you POSSIBLY not include ANTIFA and BLM? The two organizations take money from donors and use it for building mansions for their originators, burned down a significant portion of many towns across this country. Creating BILLIONS of dollars of damage in cities such as Portland, Chicago, Seattle, New York and many more. In dollar amount, these two operations created more damage in dollar value than any domestic terrorist groups in this nations history. Leave them out? Only as a slap in the face.

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