How The Media Divided America?

How The Media Divided America
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Media is one of the strongest pillars of the foundation of a society, culture, and economy. The use of media in its many forms has its advantages because it makes it easier to be well-informed about the most recent events by pushing a button on the TV remote, or turning on your phone or computer and switching on the news channel.

People also go on social media and check accounts and pages that post the most recent news and updates. As easier day to day life has become for post war Americans and people in general around the globe, the unfortunate truth is that media has been used to divide America in a plethora of disturbing ways.

Our apparent reliance on the belief of many that it is telling the truth or the ever increasing voices who insist it is completely lying to the populous has created not only how we view modern media, but the cavernous division it has created in our society.

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