Exactly Which Countries Possess Nuclear Weapons?

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4. France

France has a total of 290 nuclear warheads. It tested its first nuclear weapon in 1960 that was developed based on its own research. Just like the rest of the countries, France also developed its nuclear weapons in the Cold War to retain power. It tested its first hydrogen bomb in 1968.

It disarmed 175 warheads after the Cold War. France reduced and modernized its warheads to become a dual system. This is based on submarine launched ballistic missiles and medium-range air-to-surface missiles. France is however still developing new nuclear weapons.

In 1992, France signed the NPT. France has stated that a nuclear or terrorist attack on it will be retaliated with a nuclear attack. However, France has come to advocate for deterrence in nuclear weapons use and urged other countries to be transparent with their nuclear arsenal.

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