8 Times U.S. Presidents Were Almost Assassinated by Crazy Civilians

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  • Richard Nixon – Samuel Byck tried to apply for a loan from the Small Business Administration, but got turned down, as he did many times before. Angry and very depressed, he tried to kill Richard Nixon, alongside many other people from the White House. He killed a police officer that was standing outside Baltimore-Washington International Airport and stole a plane that was going to Atlanta. He tried to hijack the plane and crash it into the White House. Even if he stormed the cockpit and started yelling at the pilots to take off, it wasn’t impossible to do so, as the wheel blocks weren’t removed. He shot both pilots, killed one of them, and then jumped through the window to avoid being arrested.
  • Gerald Ford – Gerald Ford managed to survive not one, but TWO assassination attempts throughout his presidency. First, it was Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, who was a drug-addled Charles Manson family member who sought the psycho’s approval to assassinate the president and tried to shoot Ford in a crowded Sacramento Park. The gun misfired. Three weeks later, Sara Jane Moore, who was an unstable former FBI informant that had strong ties to the left-wing radical groups, tried to finish what Fomme started. However, her shot went wild, thanks to the intervention of the bystander Oliver Sipple, who was a Vietnam veteran.
  • Jimmy Carter – Jimmy Carter was scheduled to give a speech in L.A. at the Civic Center Mall on May 5, 1979. The Secret Service was quick to discover a man called Raymond Lee Harvey, who was sitting outside the building with a starter pistol that was loaded with blank rounds. The man claimed to be a part of a larger group, and he with another colleague was just there to create a diversion with their starter pistols.
  • Ronald Reagan – Ronald Reagan was walking to his car from the Washington Hilton when John Hinckley Jr. shot him. Reagan was shot in the chest and suffered internal bleeding and a punctured lung. Also, Press Secretary James Brady was shot in the head, which left him partially paralyzed and with extreme brain damage.

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