10 Most Memorable Political Moments Of the 20th Century

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10 Memorable Political Moments That Took Place in the 20th Century:

Production of the Assembly Line Automobile – 1913

Most of you are well aware that Henry Ford’s first assembly line automobile was the Model T and the fact that it absolutely revolutionalized the availability of cars. Even so, the assembly line vehicle had a deep impact on politics, too.

The newfound relative ease of travel only led to a rapid increase in communication. To be more specific, imagine how much longer your workflow would take if you only had the option to meet with one person a day/week/month. But now, world leaders could communicate faster, which only led to a more rapid pace of progress.

Hitler Elected To The Nazi Party – 1921

Oftentimes, Adolf Hitler might pop into your head when you think of the 1940s and World War II. However, Adolf Hitler was already leading the National Socialist German Workers Party, also known as Nazy Party, for over two decades before the second war. Hitler was named the leader of the Nazi party in 1921, but 1933 is the year that marked the full transition to Hitler’s totalitarian rule.

World War II – 1932-1945

The Second World War damaged completely the political, and physical landscape of the world. With too little time to recover from WWI, the global community was obliged to re-align and come to terms with a new paradigm.

Detonation Of The First Atomic Bomb -1945

On July 16th, the Manhattan Project conducted specific research that ended in the first successful test of a nuclear device. It was codenamed Trinity, and it took place in the New Mexico desert. The success of this taste meant that a plutonium-based nuclear weapon was ready for use by the United States.

This first test that was successful allowed two nuclear bombs to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – which is one of the events that shocked the entire world to its core.

First Journey In Outer Space – 1961

The first human that traveled to outer space is Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. He was a Soviet Cosmonaut that showed the world how space travel is possible, and humankind can now reach it.

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