10 Most Suspicious Deaths In American Politics

Most Suspicious Deaths In American Politics
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History shows that people who rise to power, especially in the political sphere, have a greater tendency to be a target for assassination. Political stakeholders all around the world are known to have oppositions or enemies. Not all oppositions are threatening. But political enemies have displayed a stronger inclination to resort to violence, death, or the threat of death in expressing their displeasure.

Flipping through the pages of the political history book of the United States, one would discover that a good number of political figures and liberty or civil rights activists became victims of their political opponents. Some deaths were uncovered. Others remain a mystery to this very.

Here is a list of some of the most suspicious deaths in American politics.

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3 thoughts on “10 Most Suspicious Deaths In American Politics”

  1. Douglas Meyer, Sr.

    This could have been a great read but it is riddled with errors, typos, and poor editing. Just one example…Archbishop Romero was NOT killed on United States soil; he was killed in San Salvador. One man’s opinion…if the items are important enough to be written, they should be important enough to be well-written.

  2. All the above deaths and many others like them plus many suicides by notorious criminals while in custody , show the incompetence of our criminal system and the power/influence of few . individuals/organizations/institutions.

  3. The Kennedy assasination was the beginning of the end for American Democracy. “They” then knew that they could get away with anything, and have been ever since.

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