Freemasonry and the Birth of Our Nation

Freemasonry and the Birth of Our Nation
Image By Dzmitry Malyeuski From Shutterstock

When the words ‘secret society’ is mentioned, the term invokes ideas of some ominous, malevolent group of men, usually white and usually rich, cloaked in dark robes with mysterious rituals and secret handshakes, manipulating and molding the world to meet their most nefarious of intentions.

This has long been the contention of many, from the general public to the internet ‘researcher’ who somehow has discovered their dark secrets and evil intentions from their one-bedroom condo in a suburb of Ohio.

And the suspicious nature of this particular society is not without merit, although some would argue they’re just a glorified social club, charitable organization, and business network. John F Kennedy’s April 27, 1961 address to the American Newspaper Publishers Association famously confirmed and questioned their existence and intentions in a so-called democratic America, when he said;

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