4 U.S. Presidents That Had to Face Impeachment

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4 U.S. Presidents That Faced Impeachment

There were only three U.S. presidents who have been formally impeached by Congress, and that is Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump. One of those presidents, Donald Trump, was even impeached twice during his single term.

However, no U.S. president has ever been removed from office through impeachment. Besides Johnson, Clinton and Trump, there’s only one U.S. president who has faced formal impeachment inquiries in the House of Representatives, and that is Richard Nixon.

Lots of other presidents have been threatened with impeachment by various political foes, but they didn’t gain any real traction in Congress. The framers of the Constitution made it even more difficult for Congress to remove a president.

Usually, the impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives, with a formal impeachment inquiry. Only if the House Judiciary Committee finds enough grounds, the impeachment passes, as its members start writing and passing articles of impeachment, which go back to the full House for a vote. In order to impeach a president, all you need is a simple majority in the House, but this still doesn’t mean he or she is out of the job.

The final stage happens in the Senate, with the impeachment trial. Only if two-thirds of the Senate decided that the president is guilty of the crimes written in the articles of impeachment, then the POTUS is removed from office.

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