Are Ivanka and Jared Distancing Themselves From Trump?

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As the former presidents rhetoric remains laser focused on the perceived theft of an election he is convinced he won, with each grievance laden statement released ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’, and more recently through his “Save America PAC,” his declarations might be pushing away two of the people closest to him, if sources are to be believed.

The first daughter and former presidential advisor Ivanka Trump and her husband, former senior presidential advisor Jared Kushner.

This is all according to 12 former Trump White House officials, former administration officials, family friends, acquaintances, and members of Trump’s team who have spoken with journalists about the former President’s ever changing inner circle.

It’s been reported that both Ivanka and Jared are riding away on the shockwaves constantly emanating outwards from Trump’s ever present complaining about the past and his inability to move on.

Despite being an almost current fixture within the Trump organization and his subsequent administration, the pair were rarely seen with him in the months leading up to his seasonal shift from living at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida to living in a cottage at his private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

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Many of the people journalists spoke with said that neither of them had been attending spring and summer events at Mar-a-Lago, events they would usually be seen front and center at. So, is there really a divide growing between Trump’s most beloved daughter and the man who headed up so many of Trump’s policy agendas? Let start with Jared Kushner.

Kushner has spent a lot of time at Donald Trump’s side in his drive to become the 45th President of the United States.

Starting by developing and running his father in laws digital media strategy during the ultimately successful 2016 presidential campaign, once Trump sat in the Oval Office, he named Kushner as a senior White House advisor, and like with giving Ivanka a prominent role, the appointment of Kushner prompted the same criticisms of nepotism.

Although the reporting would suggest a deliberate distance on the part of Kushner, the argument can be made that there is just no role left for him as he was predominantly a part of crafting and implementing policy, not, as Trump needs now, someone to oversee daily operations and help organize his candidate meetings, fundraising requests, and endorsement vetting process.

That role would eventually be filled by Florida-based consultant Susie Wiles.

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Another reason, according to these sources and one that seemingly lines up with the long documented petulance of the former commander in chief, is due to Kushner putting pen to paper on a “seven-figure deal” with Broadside Books, the conservative branch of mega-publisher HarperCollins, which (Trump apparently believes) not only that his son in law will use his book to ‘take credit’ Trump’s achievements, but that there is some jealousy that Kushner got a book deal before him.

Two sources, who say they are privy to the conversations Trump is having at Bedminster, go further by claiming that Trump is discounting Jared’s contributions to both the Middle East peace deals and criminal justice revisions.

However, there are contradictory statements by several authors who have interviewed the former President for their books. When asked directly about whether Trump blames Kushner for his election loss, he always answers with a definitive ‘no.’

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If there are any issues between the two men, then it would be something that Kushner is clearly historically familiar with as he has been with Ivanka since 2005, with a person close to Jared stating that “He knows Trump acknowledges his successes.

The reasoning behind Ivanka’s apparent distancing from her father has a slightly more simplistic narrative on the surface as she is seeking, according to close friends, “a less complicated life for her family.”

However, other sources suggest that her reasoning may be tied to the ongoing federal criminal and civil investigations into the Trump Organization finances, of which she was executive vice president.

According to reporting from CNN, “things might be slightly more challenging for Ivanka Trump, though, who has for the last several months walked a tightrope between Trump, her father, and Trump, the wounded loser of a contentious election.”

Many will point to Ivanka wishing to “undo the entanglements caused by the years at her father’s side in the White House.”

Even taking all of these theories for the couple’s absence from the former president’s side, they are still first and foremost a family, and sometimes families need to spend some time apart. This story might just be as simple as that.

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