The Faith of America Lays in These Key States’ Vote Count

The Faith of America Lays in These Key States’ Vote Count

If the pandemic record number of daily COVID-19 cases wasn’t enough, Americans’ anxiety seems to be going through the roof due to the 2020 Presidential elections.

It’s been three days since Election Day on November 3rd and we still can’t tell who will run the White House for the next four years.

Right now, all eyes are on a few key states which can decide the victory on one side or another.

Is Biden that close to win?

As I’m writing this post on November 6th, Democratic candidate Joe Biden leads the Presidential race by 264 electoral votes (as per Associated Press). Meanwhile, Republican opponent Donald Trump gathered 214 electoral votes. This early data suggests that Mr. Biden is only 6 electoral votes away from winning the presidency.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that even if Joe Biden loses Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, which hold together 55 electoral votes, he could still win the election if he gets Nevada – even though it only has 6 electoral votes.

Back in 2016, Nevada’s votes went to Hilary Clinton and current polls show that Biden would be a favorite there as well. Meanwhile, current President Donald Trump leads in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia – but even if he receives all the three states’ votes, it would still not be enough for a victory.

A tight race that makes history

So far, it seems that Donald Trump has defended a couple of large states of major importance in terms of electoral votes, such as Florida and Texas. Although Joe Biden’s campaigns hoped to turn the states blue, they ultimately stayed faithful to their initial choice.

The same situation happened in Iowa and Ohio, which Mr. Biden failed to turn on his side. However, Mr. Trump also focused his campaign on New Hampshire and Minnesota by trying to win them over, but the two states offered their votes to Biden.

Now that Trump has lost Michigan, he desperately needs Pennsylvania to at least maintain his chances of reelection – and the same goes for North Carolina, Nevada and Georgia. Is this likely to happen?

Even political experts are unsure, as this is one of the tightest, most tumultuous Presidential elections in the U.S. history.

Only time (and our votes) can tell

This year’s winner of the White House is determined by more than 100 million mail-in and absentee ballots which are still being counted by the remaining key states. This process seems to have enraged the Trump administration, which has already filed suit in Michigan to stop the count and called for a recount in Wisconsin.

Other lawsuits filed by Republican representatives are in Pennsylvania and Georgia, all having the same purpose: to stop the count.

In fact, ‘Stop the count!’ is also the most recent (and popular!) statement tweeted by Mr. Trump post-Election Day. Twitter and Facebook were quick to label Donald Trump’s tweets as a potential source of misinformation regarding the Presidential election.

During another controversial tweet posted after Election Day, Mr. Trump also claimed that his administration ‘did win this election.’

The key states still have plenty of votes to count after a record number of voters chose to cast their ballot in-mail mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic safety measures.

While Mr. Trump remains very active on social platforms, opponent Joe Biden pinned one message on his Twitter page:

Regardless of the results, both authorities and political experts are expecting large-scale protests and potentially violent reactions from U.S. citizens. After all, considering the popular votes counted up until now, America is equally divided – and the difference is stronger than ever.

Who did you vote for? How do you think the U.S. will change over the next four years? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let’s discuss the possibilities.


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